Xbox One: 12 reasons why you shouldn’t get carried away by PS4 hype

Xbox One and PS4 hype

It's fair to say PlayStation 4 captured gamers' hearts and minds at E3 2013 last week with its lower price, pro used games stance and no 24-hour online check-in requirement (see this Amazon/Facebook poll for proof).

But let's not write off the Xbox One too soon. Here are 12 reasons why you shouldn't get carried away by the hype surrounding PS4.

UPDATE: This is an opinion article - do not read on if you're expecting a fact-based news-style piece. 

UPDATE 2: Like I stated in point 12, Xbox One's features were subject to change. Microsoft has now scrapped its online restrictions and used game requirements for Xbox One.

Don't get us wrong - the Sony conference at E3 was excellent, and we're not denying the PS4 is an impressive piece of kit. We own both the 360 and PS3 and are not biased towards one or the other; we just feel that by getting caught up in all the used game hoo-hah, some of the Xbox One's core selling points are being overlooked.

1. Xbox One DOES let you trade games in

Microsoft not handling the used games debate particularly well with Xbox One has caused a gamer uproar. But let's be clear about this.

You can still buy, sell and trade second-hand boxed games as usual, but it'll be up to publishers (like EA, Activision and Ubisoft) whether you can do this with their games.

Trade-ins can only be made at 'participating retailers'. While it's a shame this may exclude sites like eBay and, you can bet your bottom pound that national store chain GAME will be one of those participating retailers; it's likely others such as HMV and supermarkets will be, too. Time will tell.

You'll also be able to buy new game discs from stores - or download a digital version from your console - on release day. So if EA doesn't allow you to trade in Battlefield 4, chances are you will have downloaded it new anyway, and so you may not even own a disc to re-sell.

2. PS4 may require an online connection too

We're not saying that Xbox One initially requiring users to have access to the internet once every 24 hours is a good thing, but we are asking - is it really that bad?

Sure, if your internet goes down for more than a day, you're not going to be happy. But don't think that the PS4 will be the immediate solution to this problem. It doesn't matter now anyway - Xbox One has scrapped its initial 24-hour policy.

When Sony said during its E3 2013 conference that the PS4 wouldn't require at least one online check-in every 24 hours, or a constant internet connection, it meant so for its first-party games and the console itself.

Third-party publishers are free to come up with their own Digital Rights Management (DRM) for PS4. For example, Activision's Destiny requires a constant internet connection. So the PS4 system doesn't require the internet to work, but certain games will. And we're pretty sure those annoying security updates for PS3 won't be going away on PS4 (the ones that won't let you play a game until you've downloaded them). So, you will need the internet for PS4, just in a different way.

And speaking of security...

3. You can't predict problems

From the Xbox 360's red ring of death to the PS3 hack that saw user's personal data at risk, one thing we've learnt from consoles is that unexpected problems can happen.

Siding with or buying one platform too early may not be wise; reading reviews and spotting the bugs first may help you better decide which console to purchase.

Our point is, neither Sony or Microsoft are infallible, but if we had to choose between a hardware inconvenience and identity theft, we'd opt for the former.

4. Game ownership

Do you think you own your PS3 games? Will you truly 'own' that copy of Killzone on your PlayStation 4? Think again.

Let us refer you to Sony's own PS3 licensing agreement online: "You do not have any ownership rights or interests in the [PS3/PS4] System Software. All intellectual property rights therein belong to SCE and its licensors, and all use or access to such System Software shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement and all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. Except as expressly granted in this Agreement, SCE and its licensors reserve all rights, interests and remedies."

Another part states: "You may not resell Game Software unless expressly authorised by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Resale and rental are prohibited unless expressly authorised by SCEE."

Basically, Sony owns the game; you have the permission to play it. Perhaps this will be the same for PS4?

This has been the case for years. In World of Warcraft, you don't own your characters, or any of their accessories. You don't own their traits, skills, achievements or weapons. You don't even own their appearance or styling - even if you created it. Blizzard owns all of that. You simply pay Blizzard to let you access that content.

One would assume retailers like GAME have permission to resell PS3 and PS4 games. And you would assume Microsoft will also give them that permission for Xbox One (as long as the game publisher agrees to it).

Now, let's look at an Xbox 360 game box.

"Unauthorised copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, rental, pay for play or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited."

There's no mention of reselling here.

Anyway, let's stop being pedantic for a second. Xbox One works by letting you install a game to the console's hard drive. You then own that version of the game and have access to it from 'the cloud', regardless of what happens to the disc and from where you're accessing it. Your Xbox One game library works on up to 10 systems; Sony's works on two.

For more information on Xbox One game ownership, read this: How games licensing works on Xbox One.

5. The controller

For all the talk of online connectivity, DRM and exclusive games, one thing has been massively overlooked: the Dualshock 4 controller for PS4.

Us and the PlayStation controller have never really got along. It's the positioning of the analogue sticks - we much prefer the less symmetrical layout of the Xbox pad (left stick higher, right stick lower), which lends itself more to fast-paced online gaming. The PS controller analogue sticks have always felt too loose, and slightly awkward to control when pressing the shoulder buttons at the same time.

The PS4 controller also looks like it's got even longer and less wieldy than it was before, although Sony says it has finally tightened up the analogue sticks. Plus, it has a touch pad and light bar (see point 10. The features).

Call us crazier than Kim Kardashian and a crate of Kit Kats, but we'd rather pay a little more at launch and enjoy years and years of more comfortable gaming with Xbox One. Speaking of paying...

6. Price

We'd rather pay £429 for the Xbox One rather than PS4's £349 asking price, for a number of reasons (see them listed in this article), not just for the Xbox One's controller shape alone (obviously).

The Xbox One comes with Kinect; you'll have to pay £44 extra if you want a PlayStation Camera for the PS4, or £54(!) if you want an additional DualShock controller. The Xbox One controller doesn't have a price yet, though Amazon has listed it for $60. (UPDATE: Our point is not that the Xbox One is cheaper overall, because it's not, it's that we feel it offers better value in the long-term.)

You'll also have to pay to play online using the PS4, just like Xbox Live. This will cost "less than $5 per month" - around the same as Microsoft's service.

7. The games

This is arguably the most important part of all. While both machines share a lot of excellent third-party games, like Thief, Destiny and Battlefield 4, they also have their own console exclusives. Here's our pick of ten for each.

Sony's include Final Fantasy XIV, Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Infamous: Second Son, The Order 1886, Daylight, Deep Down, Super Stardust HD and Planetside 2.

Microsoft's include Halo 5, Titanfall, Quantum Break, Crimson Dragon, Forza 5, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, Project Spark, Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct.

For us, Xbox One edges PS4 on the exclusives front. Quantum Break, Titanfall and Ryse look like fantastic new IPs, plus Halo and Killer Instinct will no doubt be good fun too. We will miss out on Final Fantasy XIV, though its successor, Final Fantasy XV (formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII), will be available on both consoles.

8. The features

Both Xbox One and PS4 have Blu-ray drives, similar technology, and aren't backwards compatible with Xbox 360/PS3 games respectively (UPDATE: PS4 will have access to a "limited library" of PS3 games thanks to a Gaikai streaming service - thanks James).

They also have a host of impressive features. Notable Xbox One features include:

  • Smart Match, a new online matchmaking system that gets you into online games faster. It removes lobbies and waiting times for online matches. It pairs players based on skill, language and reputation. While you wait, you can watch TV or listen to music.
  • Game DVR lets you record game footage and upload it to YouTube or Twitch - no expensive game recorders required.
  • Achievements are getting an upgrade, with a more personalised stats hub (and there's just no comparison between Xbox Achievements and PSN Trophies).
  • Xbox Live - the platform alone is enough to make us want to stick with Microsoft; it's still miles better than PSN
  • Snap mode lets you flick between games, TV and music instantly. While that doesn't seem amazing, it means you can use Skype to talk to a group of friends at once while playing a game (meaning you can talk to others who don't have an Xbox).

For PS4, there's the following:

  • You can share portions of game footage with other users, which can be uploaded as you play
  • Gaikai lets you stream PS4 games to PS Vita
  • PS4 has a sudden sleep mode, like the 3DS, that lets you pause play and immediately resume whenever you like.
  • The console is not region-locked
  • The PS4 controller's light bar can be tracked by the console, which, depending on where you are in the room, can reorganise the size of your split-screen to be closer to your position.

We couldn't find so many great features for the PS4. But hey, PS4 buyers, it's okay. You're finally going to get a headset out of the box and cross-game chat. Eight years after Xbox 360 made it commonplace. (UPDATE: The irony is, Xbox One will not include a headset out of the box. Thanks to LKennedy for pointing that out).

9. Xbox will be out earlier (probably)

It hits shelves in November; The PS4 is out "this holiday season", which could mean anything from October (unlikely) to a few weeks before Christmas.

We still love getting new games as early as possible - and having the first next-gen console around one month before the other is good enough for us.

10. Getting DLC first

From Call of Duty to Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto, Xbox 360 still offers new downloadable content to its users months before PS3 players. You can expect this to continue on Xbox One.

Owning a PS4 and having to wait potentially several months for the next add-on pack in COD: Ghosts or other triple-A blockbuster in the future? That's not for us, thanks.

11. Big Brother is not watching you

The Kinect voice and camera sensor may need to be switched on for Xbox One to work, but you can leave it in a 'pause' state where it won't listen to you.

When Xbox One is on and you have a conversation in your living room, it won't be recorded or uploaded.  When the system turns off, it’ll only listen out for “Xbox On,” and you can turn that off too.

Plus, personal data like videos, photos, facial expressions and heart rates won't be shared without your permission. Read more info on Xbox One's privacy details here.

12. It's all subject to change, anyway

Microsoft has said the features and requirements of Xbox One "are under development and may change prior to release".

"In the months ahead, we will continue to listen to your feedback as we meet with our partners in the ecosystem to bring additional detail about our policies," read a statement.

So the controversial used game and online policies could change.

As many football club supporters say, keep the faith. Overall, Microsoft hasn't let us down with the Xbox and Xbox 360 - and we expect it won't do with the Xbox One either. The company is far too corporate, experienced and affluent to let one of its gaming systems fail.

We'll leave you with a question.

Do you want the Mercedes with a lower price tag, a faster engine, better fuel economy and resale value? Or do you want the slightly more expensive Aston Martin that isn't as keen on letting your friends drive it, but has better in-car features and more driver enjoyment in the longer term?

We've made our choice.

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96 Responses

  1. Alex Miller
    fix the exclusives. xbone will be getting ff games, and kh3 with other ones too.
  2. Zane
    Nice try. It is funny how brand bias is able to cloud peoples judgement, and make them twist facts in their minds to preserve their existing emotional attachments. The facts are: -The xbox one GPU is 33% less powerful than the ps4. (1.2 terflops vs 1.84) -There is a used game fee that retailers (and therefore consumers once it is passed through to them by higher prices) will have to pay. On top of this there are restrictions to game ownership and playing on friends accounts etc. -there IS a requirement to be online on the xbox one to license your games. No such requirements exists on the ps4. Stating there "may" be, is just making things up for the sake of it, and it really betrays your bias. -The dual shock 4 controller is rechargeable, has a touch pad, has six axis motion control, and has a light bar for tracking. Fine if you think the xbox pad is more comfortable in your hands, however the ps4 controller is clearly technically superior and much better value. -You are forced into paying a higher price, because the xbox one comes with kinect. Surely it would be better to have the option - many people have no interest in kinect. Higher price for a console which is a lot less powerful. I have owned most consoles since the nineties, nintendo, sega, microsoft, sony (yep, i'm old and have money). But this is the first time I am thinking I will skip one, and not pick up an xbox one. I don't see the point in having another box under my tv if it is not ever going to get turned on.
  3. when i see this at N4g it thought WOW huge number of reasons, some of that might be good ^^ nah you fail bad with this man, are you working for M$? Word is that they know one sucks than pay good money to a lot of human\bots to try and defend theirs crap console. sad sad sad.
  4. IcyEyes
    You, my dear Dom, win.
    Dont mean to nerdbait but since when has PSN gamers ever been considered more hardcore gamers? Your competitive eSport communities are sub-par in all areas. When BF2MC was ported/up to XBL 360 it was one of the rare comp communities that supported PS2 and OGxbox players onto the one platform in a game that had dedicated in game clan support/ladders - the PS2 top teams were competitive had some great players but on the whole ate shit and made little impact. Due to the control scheme changing to support PS2 load outs with the up/port they did bring innovation like knee sliding in gunbattles that wasnt present on OGxbox which changed the game as it spread in popularity due to effectiveness in reducing hit detection in battles but they also brought over how to overload drop servers/force timed out glitch when they lost clan matches. Now move forward to BFBC2 the top PS3 team took on the top XBL team in exhibition match - the XBL team won every game spawn trapped them and won by over 200tickets each match - demolished them. Not that this is surprising at all - its common knowledge PSN is full of noobs and casual gamers that somehow always manage to mention God of War Enchanted and Final Fantasy but GT vs Forza maybe once upon a time. The amount of Enchanted owners whose PS3 sits there gathering dust or used as a BluRay player as they spend all their time playing 360 and enjoying XBL multiplayer is a common reality - ive heard the war stories many times its always the same "my PS3 is a bluray player" or it was the only way i could convince my missus to let me get a games machine as PS3 had bluray" and more common than you think. Again fail to draw hardcore comparisons - just as i struggle how Sonys E3 line up was seen as a win for hardcore gamers? You could take all those E3 games launching on PSN and still not get close to hype/anticipation of Titanfall or the timing of XBONE closer to BF4 launch OCT 29th People hate on the Kinnect but Dead Rising has already incorporated it into their game development - if you make too much background noise the zombies will hear this and react towards the sound - that like Forza 5 using the cloud to learn your racing pattern for truer competition against friends who are offline than AI as well as competing in events for you whilst youre asleep etc are two examples of REAL NEXT GEN DEVELOPMENTS already finding their way into XBONE exclusives The PS4 or should i say PS3.5 is nice I get it but much of the E3 hype was manufactured by GAMESTOP employees and retail industry cheering louder and influencing negative XBONE sentiment to E3 guests at every opportunity. When you have as much money tied up in profits from used games as these guys do then naturally any perceived threats to this will generate protectionist measures and biased accounts of Sony winning E3 with that yawn worthy line up for casual gamers at a conference thats meant to be about games was one of the most sly sheep hearding influences by retail forces ive ever seen working on the hearts and minds of the weak and easily lead - Sorry fanboys but nothing hardcore in your exclusives at all - everything else about PS4 is solid except the most important thing THE GAMES. If your eSports communities were more advanced and of skillset id be inclined to agree with you but they are not - to fabricate myths XBONE is for casual gamers because of the inbuilt upspec'd Kinnect may have something to do with the inferior investment Sony put into its aptly named eye toy that youre comparing it to and the connotations it brings is a dis-service when they only did so initially to win customers compete with Nintendo. MS have taken the application visual/audio input incorporated into design far more seriously as will developers now that its fixed technology
  6. Blaze Blue
    All of you damn Sony fanboys and girls I have a question for you all, are you being paid to bash Xbox one? You guys are really obviously don't and never did had any good wishes for them. I will be sitting back and watching you guys get hit with reality when Sony follow suit.
  7. Escopablobar
    You are clearly an Xbox zealot and by all means that is your right. I consider myself to be platform agnostic. I have concurrently enjoyed competing hardware and exclusive software across multiple generations to date. But alas I do have a slight bias that I shall not elaborate upon. Bias tends to mire sound judgement in illogic. As a gamer and a consumer I refuse to let my bias steer me towards the illogical decision that threatens the way I have played games for the last 25 years. Right now X1 is the illogical decision. I will not draft an exhaustive diatribe on why because it would serve futile and little purpose here. I only ask you to step away from your petty allegiance and consider where this path takes us. Envisage a future where corporations continue to infringe upon what few rights we have as consumers. There is nothing vanguard or forward facing about MSFT's aspirations. Be pragmatic for once and realize that what you give up today you may never get back.
  8. Counterproductive
    #XboxDoneSonyWon #dealwithit
  9. Axe99
    @ THE SALT - for a start, there's a lot more to gaming than the 'hardcore' crew who spend all their life on arcade shooters (that arcade shooters are the new hardcore is mildly amusing as well - hell, that shooters, one of the more easy-to-get into genres, are considered 'hardcore' in the sense you're pushing it just shows how casual gaming has become. This is not a bad thing, but talking down at the 'non-hardcore' when the 'hardcore' are busy playing casual twitch-shooters is lolsworthy). It also varies by country - in the US, the 360 has the better competitive scene (no surprise), in Australia and Europe it's the PS3, in the UK it's 360 and so on. Not surprisingly, you'll see the strength of the competitive scene reflects the size of the install base. Anyways, thing that ticks me off most at your comment is the implicit suggestion that 'hardcore' gamers are inherently more worthy gamers than other folk (again, all the while playing your casual, twitch shooters!) There's nothing wrong with spending all your time perfecting your drop-shotting, or jumping out of jets in BF3, but that makes you no more a worthy gamer than the dad playing Toy Story 3 with his kids, or the mates chilling out and playing Super Smash Bros. Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield are big because of their casual appeal, not because they are hardcore (indeed, games that truly are hardcore won't be big sellers, because they're actually, you know, hardcore). The broad base of gamers, not hardcore by any definition, are what supports the industry - if your narrow, ego-centric bashing alienates them, you only make gaming a lesser hobby. On the by, what's Enchanted? I've played a lot of PC, PS3 and 360 (and plenty on previous consoles) and I've never heard of it? I'd've thought you 'hardcore' gamers would at the very least be up to speed with the games available on each system ;).
  10. Ricoloco
    I will buy a Xbox ONE because of games like Halo, Fable, Forza, Gears, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, KI, Kingdom Hearts 3, Destiny, Dead Rising 3... I like Kinect. I even doubt if Sony can release PS4 in this year. In the beginning of this generation they said that PS3 was more powerful than Xbox 360, later it was proved a lie. I only believe in finished games, not in propaganda.
  11. Axe99
    @ Ricoloco - there's not an objective gaming journalist who doesn't recognise the technical advantage (realised in numerous first-party games) of the PS3 this gen. It was far from a lie. The X360 was also a great console, but there's no doubt the most technically capable/powerful console in this gen was the PS3. The XB1 is still a great piece of kit, and it's not even overpriced if you like Kinect - get it and enjoy it, and have fun - all gamers should have fun, there's really never been a better time to be a gamer - but don't let emotional attachment blind you to truths, or you're only limiting how much fun you can have ;).
  12. Ricoloco
    @ Axe99 - Forget the journalists, think for yourself. They say a lot of bullshit, sometimes they take money, it's part of marketing. I recommend you to test Halo 4, Forza 3, Forza 4, Horizon, Gears of Wars 2,3, Judgment... even the first game is still impressive. I tested a lot of PS3 games, some look great, but not better than the ones in XBox 360. There is a huge difference between art direction and processing power. Halo 4 have a lot of make up, but also have some technical achievements that i cannot see on PS3. Crysis 2 and 3 are one of the best looking console games and are multi. One day i'll buy a PS4. My priority is the XBox ONE.
  13. Wow..Pathetic
    Look at all these insecure sony fans.. the guy never said it was facts, although they all do make good points, and sorry to burst your bubble sony fans but ps controllers are garbage, stop trying to shit on other peoples opinions with your average console ,which really doesn`t even have any cool new features, "sleep mode" lmao fuck outta here
  14. Like I stated in point 12, Xbox One’s features were subject to change. Microsoft has now scrapped its online restrictions and used game requirements for Xbox One.
  15. Axe99
    @ Ricoloco - I've got both a 360 and PS3 - picked up a 360 at the start of the year to catch-up on the exclusives I'd missed (while I don't like MS as a company, I have nothing against all the fine devs that make 360 exclusives) - something that now MS has stepped down from it's ridiculous position (a good thing for everyone, but particularly those that are starting with an XB1 :)) I'll do this gen as well (I don't have the coin to sensibly pick up both consoles at the start of each gen). And it's been fun, but it's also clear that: - Actual gameplay in Forza is incredibly over-rated - it's another NFS:Shift imo - a good but not great game, albeit with great menus/structure and loading times. Handling is pretty good, but AI is a mess - it's got far, far too much rubber banding to call the thing a sim racer - I went from first to eight to first again in one five-lap race, that's not a sim. Visually, it's a clear step down from GT5, although it's far more consistent (ie, the best of GT5 smokes Forza, but then you'll also see pixelated textures on the standard cars, and sub-par smoke effects). - Gears and Halo are both great, quality AAA shooters. Only played Halo 3 and Gears 1/2 so far (pacing it out) - for their time, they weren't on par technically with the PS3 exclusives at the time (Resistance was stronger than Gears, Uncharted was stronger than Gears 2), and Halo 3 was great fun but technically incredibly weak for a AAA shooter - I'm not a graphics floozy so I'll comfortably recommend it, but I'm very surprised it got cut the slack it did. I look forward to playing Halo 4 (going to go through ODST and Reach first), and won't cast final judgement on the 360's tech, but haven't seen anything on the 360 that comes close to Uncharted 2 or 3, let alone The Last of Us. As far as I've heard, Halo 4 is the 360's technical showcase, but if I've missed anything deffo interested :). Crysis 2 was good, but not as visually impressive as KZ3, UC3 or TLOU. Gameplay was only solid imo, so haven't got around to picking up Crysis 3 yet (I like arcade shooters, but I also like a lot of other stuff, and adjusting to getting lots of PS+ swag, so haven't forked out for it yet). So far on Xbox, been most impressed by Fable series - not technically, but in terms of quality and originality of game - hopefully they step back from 'Fable Heroes' and 'The Journey' and put together a proper Fable 4. Either way, if a gamer can't have fun on either machine, they're not a gamer, and I have no doubt it'll be the same next-gen - the XB1 has some great games on the horizon. There are differences in the approaches to the exclusives on both platforms, which is why I'll always go Playstation first each gen, but now that MS have found their sanity I'll pick up an XB1 sometime when it's a quiet patch on PS4. Both the 360 and PS3 were great, just because the PS3 had a tech edge doesn't make the 360 bad by any stretch, and it'll be the same story with the PS4/XB1.
  16. Ricoloco
    Axe99 - You wrote: "Forza is incredibly over-rated – it’s another NFS:Shift imo – a good but not great game, albeit with great menus/structure and loading times. Handling is pretty good, but AI is a mess – it’s got far, far too much rubber banding to call the thing a sim racer – I went from first to eight to first again in one five-lap race, that’s not a sim. Visually, it’s a clear step down from GT5, although it’s far more consistent (ie, the best of GT5 smokes Forza, but then you’ll also see pixelated textures on the standard cars, and sub-par smoke effects)." Are you serious? GT5, that game have 800 PS2 cars, fake shadows, 2D trees... Your journalists prefer Forza. Nothing in PS3 can touch the Technical advancements of Forza 4. Forza 4 have a better perfomance too. Look at this image comparison: Resistance better than Gears? Not even close. Sorry, but have my doubts if you really played these games. I can't go ahead with this. I'll let in this dreamworld.
  17. Axe99
    @ Ricolo - look me up on Raptr (Axe99), PSN (Axe99) or XBL (Axey99) if you don't believe me. I only got up to the fifth year of Forza's career - it was incredibly easy, very rarely wasn't in front of the field by the end of the first lap, playing with most assists off. Rubber-banding was also terrible for a sim. It was more exciting if you wanted an arcade racer, but GT5 did sim racing better. Unfortunately, most gaming journalists don't actually know a lot about motorsports. Not saying GT5's AI is perfect, it's got a lot of issues and a heap of room for improvement, but at least the game felt like actual motor-racing, rather than a videogame. Of course, if you're looking for a more arcadey slant but with a dash of sim, then Forza's a much better game - just depends what you want. Also - with the Eurogamer gallery, did you look at the images in full resolution? Forza looks better at 720p, GT5 at 1080p (not perfect 1080p, but a damn site better resolution than Forza). I've played both on the same screen both over HDMI one after the other - Forza's visuals are noticeably lower resolution, and the lighting noticeably less dynamic - things you can't really pick from screenshots (MS is _very_ good at making screenshots from Forza look better than the real thing). Forza still looks nice, but it doesn't compare to the _best_ of GT5. As I mentioned above, Forza is more consistent, and much better than the _worst_ of GT5 - but that's just Polyphony being lazy with assets - technically, when it wants to be, GT5 is by far the more stronger game. Not surprising, however, as it's on the stronger system. And I'm talking about the first Gears here. Gears of War 2 is excellent, but Gears of War 1 was technically a fair step down, the pacing was erratic and the story was incredibly poorly told. AI was excellent, easily the standout of the first game - and had the edge on Resistance's AI - but overall technically I'd rate the first Resistance above the first Gears. I didn't say story (that's a matter of personal preference, although in this particular example Resistance wins because unlike the first Gears it has a story, lol). Do you have a PS3? It's pretty much impossible to get a good idea of how the systems stack up through looking at the internet (Halo 3 looks a lot better in screenshots than it does IRL, for example) - having both, they're both great, but there's no question which is more powerful. Of course, my PC smokes both of them ;).
  18. Thomas Evans
    1- Has nothing to do with PS4 - No change 2- Not true - No change 3- You can't predict problems for either so why would that be a plus over Playstation for Xbox? - No change 4- Ownership rights are the same. If not described differently... - No change 5- It's a question of taste. Neither are 'better' than the other... - No change 6- Xbox Console is more expensive then Playstation console. Xbox controller is more expensive then Playstation controller. Xbox network more expensive then Playstation network. +3 for Playstation 7- Both have exclusives. Neither has more than the other. - No change (+3 for Playstation) 8- Features are roughly the same - No change - Headset now included bearing in mind quality was better generally with the PS3. Meanwhole Xbox not including headset with the pack. +1 Playstation (+4 for Playstation) 9- "Probably" isn't a argument. Will likely be released at the same time. If not Sony will probably use the added time to make sure there aren't any glitches. In other words Sony customers won't mind waiting for a better product. No change (+4 for Playstation) 10- " Probably" and "potentially" wow this article is really getting desperate now... Nothing confirmed... - No change (+4 for Playstation) 11- Makes no difference to Playstation console compared to Xbox console. No change (+4 for Playstation) 12- Will say it again. Applies to both consoles so makes no difference. No change (+4 for Playstation) Playstation 4 ~ 4 - 0 ~ Xbox 1
  19. Ricoloco
    Axe99 - Now the journalist aren't enough? I show you the pictures with huge differences in quality between two games, GT5 and Forza 4, if you still believe that GT5 have the best graphics, and best driving simulator, ok, i can live with that, it's your opinion. The journalists do not share with you... Resistance Vs Gears, again, me and your precious journalists do not share with your opinion. It's clear to me the winner here. Story, it's a personal choice. I think that the two games have a good story. As a fan of Playstation(you have to be) i understand your opinion. I sold my PS3 in the beginning of 2011, and sold my Xbox in the beginning of the 2012, but i bought other XBox 2 months later until now with me. I'm close to finish Halo 4 for the fifth time. I respect your opinion, as you saw i do not agree with you. No problem. I recommend you to play Halo 4. I will try The Last of Us in the PS3 of my friend.
  20. Axe99
    @ Ricolo - Don't worry, I've got Halo 4 on the shelf and am looking forward to it, and am enjoying the last act of Gears 2 at the moment. Was only talking about the technical aspects of the games as well - they're all good games, and I should have mentioned I thought Forza was over-rated as a sim, not as a game - it's a better 'game' than GT, it's just not as good a sim (and I prefer my racers as sims, or arcade, and not so much the half-way house that Forza sits at). As for the shots, Forza looks better in the thumbnails, but if you look at them in full resolution GT5's extra clarity, in my opinion, gives it the edge. They're both great, and the real difference between the two is in AI - some prefer Forza's more arcade take, some prefer the focus on more sim-style racing in GT. Neither is better/worse, just personal preference :). As for the best driving simulator, my understanding (although I've never played it) is that iRacing on PC has the edge, will have to check it out one of these days, but haven't got around to finding/installing the drivers for my wheel for PC. I do agree I have a soft spot for Playstation - they've just been the most consistent platform for the kind of games I enjoy for three console generations in a row - but I do enjoy playing great games wherever they pop up, and I'm definitely enjoying catching up on the 360's exclusives. I'm happy that the PS3 was my 'main machine' this gen, but I'm also very glad I didn't miss out on Halo, Gears and Fable. Good chatting with you, and deffo recommend TLOU - haven't played it yet m'self (am avoiding spoilers carefully!) but have a few mates that have that swear by it. While I think the above article stretches the plusses for the XB1, I want every gamer to enjoy gaming and the last thing I want is for the XB1 to fail - titles like Project Spark, Forza and Titanfall all look great. Whichever system(s) you go for, have a good one :).
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  22. Finlay
    Number 5 about the controller is complete opinionated rubbish
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  25. lerty
    once again with the playstation bashing cant we just agree xbox is for you hardcore gamer nerds prob like the person who wrote this and ps4 is for more casual players.
  26. Axe99
    @ Lerty - there are 'casual' and 'core' gamers on both, but given the 360's focus (arcade shooters and arcade racers, Minecraft, the Kinect crowd) I'd argue that the Xbox crowd tend more towards casual gaming than the Playstation. Whether this holds true next-gen or not, the library of the XB1 is starting off more casual again (Ryse is clearly an 'accessible' game - looks great, but hardly looks deep - while on PS4 you'll have the likes of War Thunder and Planetside 2, games that are far more 'core' than anything on XB1).
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  29. BARRELS180
    with all the changes microsoft made, ( no region locks, No limit on games, one internet usage on setup, and the kinect not having to be on), The xbox one is the better choice
  30. leignheart
    holy crap man, these guys calling the article writer a fanboy? look at your own comments you sony troglodytes. omg i have never seen such hypocrisy, i cant believe the amount of devotion to a company who couldnt care if you live or die as long as you die after you buy thier console, your all pathetic. and as far as this guy being a fanboy, clearly he isnt, he laid out his opinions and said he likes the xbox one more, that doesnt make a fanboy. the situation is simple for anyone who isnt a lifeless fanboy, if you cant afford both consoles, then you pick the console that has the games that fit you and your family most. damn, you dont have sex with the console, it doesnt deserve the devotion you freaks of nature give it. just pathetic. im sick of this damn generation.
  31. Davidson
    People will believe anything that's hyped up to this day, they don't give things chance to play out or come out on the shelve, sure PS4 won at E3 but it didn't win the war. At the end people might regret falling for what Sony played out and who's fault is at the end?
  32. Liquid_Ocelot
    I've always been a fan of Sony and Playstation 4 looks much better not bwing a fan boy because I loved xbox 360 as much as PS3 it's a tie with me because some games feel better on different systems even if not exclusive but the only diffrence here is the fact that on xbox one you don't have to press 2 buttons on your remote, sadly me being to lazy to press two buttons on my remote isn't worth 100$ more sadly.
  33. Do you want a Mercedes with a cheaper price tag or do you want to pay for a volkswagon beatle that is more expensive but only has enough room for you and 1 friend? Both get the job done but I would go for the Mercedes! Which is the PS4 ....
  34. Jim88gd3015
    Fact is Xbox 360, there are more people who own it than a ps3, quality is far better than Sony and always will be, ps3 comes out 2 1/2 years after first Xbox 360 did and still couldn't compete, ps4 will be no better good luck morons sticking with the company who lost your credit card and personal info
  35. Axe99
    @Jim88gd3015 - your comment is just plain wrong. The 360's hardware issues are the worst on record of any major console. In terms of quality, over it's lifespan, the 360 was atrocious. PS3 released 1 year after the 360, and has now outsold it worldwide - so it has out-competed the 360, and the 360 has also been a target of hackers and phishers, although its longest outage was 2 weeks so not as bad as the PSN hack. The sad shame, though, is that both 'sides' have people following them that completely ignore the facts. Both consoles were great (I own both of them) and both have their strengths and weaknesses. The 360 was a stronger platform for casual shooters and socialising online, the PS3 was a stronger platform for hardcore shooters and a broader variety of games, both are excellent gaming platforms.
  36. mike
    now xbox has removed the restrictions for drm they cant have massive sales like steam because a few idots dont read up on facts before they comment plus now it does not require 24 hour online and kinect does not need to be plugged in also with every console you get fifa 14 which is 40 pound free i say xbox has the upper hand
  37. Matt
    Convenient that he forgot to mention Gran Turismo 5, MLB The Show, God of War, and Metal Gear Solid 5 as PS4 exclusives. Xbox has an edge? get real. Halo 5 is the only remotely interesting game and it's not even made by Bungie anymore.
  38. ned
    The Xbox One I have pre ordered comes with a headset in the box (clearly stated).Hope it stays that way as you guys say it isnt so in number 8 "features"
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  40. Rose Lire
    Both of them suck ! Thats why I gave up gaming :)
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