Rambo: Arcade Review

Rambo arcade

Us at Leet Games Blog like to think we could take anyone at any game. And after a few pints down the pub, a challenge always ends up at the local arcade to settle some dispute.

So when we saw the new machine, we almost died of shock.

Rambo: Arcade

It's a rail shooter that takes you through the most memorable bits of the original Rambo trilogy. Being an on-rails shooter it can hardly be competitive, but we should put our little squabbles behind us in the presence of Rambo!

The game starts at the end of Rambo III, when Rambo and the colonel are surrounded by the whole soviet army in the Afghan desert. But you get told why with cool clips from the actual films.

You take hold of your pleasingly large light gun and shoot down wave after wave of enemy soldiers. There's no foot pedal either, Rambo is too tough for hiding. You have to shoot first and ask questions later.

With every kill you get, you fill up a small portion of a meter next to your ammo. Get to the top and you've got yourself some "Rambo Rage" (invincibility and infinite ammo for a limited time).

This is when you properly feel like the main man himself. Just hold down the trigger and hip fire your way through. Mowing down people with the satisfying "recoil" vibration of the gun is amazing.

So after you kill a load of Soviets and shoot down a helicopter, there's a convenient flashback which takes you back to Rambo II. There's an interesting stealth part here where you have to shoot arrows at unsuspecting Vietcong. You get one shot and if you miss it's game over.

This plays well with the design of the light gun having very easy and accurate sights. The guns is one of the best parts of the game,but that's not a bad thing at all.

There is only one bad thing about this game though and it's when you reach game over. The "continue?" sign covers the screen so player two can't see what they're shooting at for 10 seconds.

There's also a cool system that comes in at this part, where if you kill the commanding officer, the other troops don't know what to do and stop firing at you for a second.

Rambo Arcade is very well done with these little segments that set it apart from other light gun games. It has easily risen to the top spot in our favourite arcade games, above Crazy Taxi and House of the Dead 3.


Not so long ago we mentioned that to make a good game of the film you need to wait a while, and with 20 years separating the release of Rambo III and Rambo: Arcade, we think we got that one right.

You must play this game purely for the exhilarating feeling of being John Rambo. It's less of a game and more of an experience.

Just for that it gets 10/10. Best Arcade game ever! (a sweepingly bold statement Adam - will have to see how it compares to the legendary Time Crisis 2! - Ed)

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