How much do FIFA Points cost in FIFA 14?


If you want to know how much FIFA Points cost in the UK, whether on Xbox 360 or PS3, we've listed the prices in our table below.

FIFA Points are a form of in-game currency used for FIFA 14's FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. We've now updated this article following the release of FIFA 14:

FIFA Points currency converter list
  • 100 FIFA Points - 79p
  • 250 FIFA Points - £1.99
  • 500 FIFA Points - £3.99
  • 750 FIFA Points - £5.49
  • 1,050 FIFA Points - £7.99
  • 1,575 FIFA Points - £11.99
  • 2,200 FIFA Points - £15.99
  • 4,600 FIFA Points - £31.99
  • 12,000 FIFA Points - £79.99
FIFA 14 Ultimate Team pack prices
  • Silver pack - 50 FIFA Points
  • Premium silver pack - 75 FIFA Points
  • Gold pack - 100 FIFA Points
  • Premium gold pack - 150 FIFA Points
  • Special packs - these vary from 50 FIFA Points and upwards
The five highest blocks of FIFA Points offer bonus points when purchased. The idea is that the more you spend, the more you save, in terms of points bought in bulk. You can buy FIFA Points as soon as you own the FIFA 14 game disc.

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