Halo Reach ranks list

Halo Reach Ranks

With Halo 4 on the way this year, we list all the ranks in Halo Reach so you can level up and prepare for Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 360 shooter.

We also provide some quick levelling tips, explain how to obtain the ultimate Inheritor rank and unlock the rare Haunted Helmet.

Halo Reach ranks and how many credits you need to reach each one:

recruit Recruit 0cR
private Private 7,500cR
corporal Corporal 10,000cR
corporal grade 1 Corporal
Grade 1
sergeant Sergeant 20,000cR
sergeant grade 1 Sergeant
Grade 1
sergeant grade 2 Sergeant
Grade 2
warrant officer Warrant Officer 45,000cR
warrant officer grade 1 Warrant Officer
Grade 1
warrant officer grade 2 Warrant Officer
Grade 2
warrant officer grade 3 Warrant Officer
Grade 3
captain Captain 210,000cR
captain grade 1 Captain
Grade 1
captain grade 2 Captain
Grade 2
captain grade 3 Captain
Grade 3
major Major 325,000cR
major grade 1 Major
Grade 1
major grade 2 Major
Grade 2
major grade 3 Major
Grade 3
lt colonel Lt Colonel 450,000cR
lt colonel grade 1 Lt Colonel
Grade 1
lt colonel grade 2 Lt Colonel
Grade 2
lt colonel grade 3 Lt Colonel
Grade 3
commander Commander 600,000cR
commander grade 1 Commander
Grade 1
commander grade 2 Commander
Grade 2
commander grade 3 Commander
Grade 3
colonel Colonel 850,000cR
colonel grade 1 Colonel
Grade 1
colonel grade 2 Colonel
Grade 2
colonel grade 3 Colonel
Grade 3
brigadier Brigadier 1,400,000cR
brigadier grade 1 Brigadier
Grade 1
brigadier grade 2 Brigadier
Grade 2
brigadier grade 3 Brigadier
Grade 2
general General 2,000,000cR
general-1 General
Grade 1
general-2 General
Grade 2
general-3 General
Grade 3
general-4 General
Grade 4
field marshall Field Marshall 3,000,000cR
hero Hero 3,700,000cR
legend Legend 4,600,000cR
mythic Mythic 5,650,000cR
noble Noble 7,000,000cR
eclipse Eclipse 8,500,000cR
nova Nova 11,000,000cR
forerunner ForeRunner 13,000,000cR
reclaimer Reclaimer 16,500,000cR
inheritor Inheritor 20,000,000cR

Halo Reach levelling up tips

Rank up your spartan to unlock new armour, effects, achievements and medals. The best way to do this is to complete as many daily challenges as possible, which usually offer bonuses of well over 1,000 credits each. These range from killing 150 players online to getting two double kills in the same match.

Check out this great little blog we found – Halo Reach Daily Challenges. It lists all of today’s challenges and tips on how to complete them.

Other quick ways to level up include completing firefight, multi-team and SWAT multiplayer matches as they generally offer more credits. Make sure you complete campaign on the hardest difficulty setting you can to achieve more credits.

How to reach Inheritor rank

You're going to need to earn 54,794 credits every day for one year to unlock Halo Reach's top rank, or 27,297 every day for two years. That's a ridiculous amount and one that we wish you luck with.

Download the Reach Stats and Bungie apps on the iPhone to keep track of stats and Daily Challenges.

How to unlock the Haunted Helmet

Simply reach the rank of Inheritor and buy all helmets to unlock this. OK so it's not that simple. But you will look like a Halo Reach master, even if you do have more free time than skill.

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Credit: Haloreachbeta.com

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  1. [...] You can find out some quick Halo Reach levelling tips and more by viewing our Halo Reach ranks list. [...]
  2. Another good way is make an offline game of firefight mess with the stats so ur invincible then let the game run fir an hour and 20 mins wen I was lutenent colonel b4 my game was corrupted I got like 7589 an hour
  3. FateFellShort
    Quick way to level up is to go to Halo waypoint and make some custom challenges. Im hitting the cap everyday, so at this pace it should take me 100 days.

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