Cool Pokemon

Cool Pokemon

Pokemon is one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, but which Pokemon is the coolest of all?

I'll openly admit I'm a big fan of Pokemon games, and I have no shame in that. I know I should probably Play on or maybe some other game more appropriate for my age but Pokemon is still great fun. I blame my little cousin for getting me back into it but that shouldn't be used as an excuse!

Cool Pokemon however, are an issue of debate, in terms of looks and power. So which one is the best?

Let's put power aside for a moment and judge them by looks alone.

Here's my dream team...

No. 130
Type: Water/Flying


Gyarados is a frighteningly powerful dragon-like Pokemon, who boasts moves such as Dragon Rage and Hyper Beam.

It somehow evolves from the pathetic Magikarp at level 30 and is over 20-foot high. According to the Pokedex, they are "powerful enough to destroy entire cities."

Best not get in its way then - and keep an eye out for the rare, Shiny Pokémon red Gyarados with golden scales...

No. 249
Type: Psychic/Flying


As the guardian of the sea, Lugia is a legendary Pokemon from the Silver and Gold games.

This is one of few legendary Pokemon - and according to the Pokedex a "light fluttering of its wings can blow apart houses" and "if it flaps its wings it is said to cause a 40-day storm."

Apart from its strong stature and ability to control the weather, Lugia is also a calm and spirited Pokemon, making it one of my faves.

No. 448
Type: Fighting/Steel


Lucario is a dark, spiky, jackal-like Pokemon.

It can use a special type of energy called Aura to produce seismic explosions, making it one of only two non-legendary Pokemon who can use the awesome Aura Sphere move - the other being Togekiss (Togepi's final form).

This strong fighting Pokemon evolves from Riolu, which can be hatched from an egg on Iron Island in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It evolves through happiness in the daytime, so keep it in your party and walk around for a while.

No. 006
Type: Fire/Flying


As you can tell from my choice so far, I'm a fan of alternate flying types... so it comes as no surprise that Charizard should be in my final squad.

This hot-bellied fire Pokemon is one of the original three you can choose in the first game, as his first form - Charmander. He will die if his flame on the back of his tail goes out.

At level 36 he learns Wing Attack and goes on to understand Fire Spin and Heat Wave at higher levels. Charizard is able to fly up to 1,400 metres high and becomes seriously dangerous when angered - so watch out! It's rumoured there are black Charizard's out there somewhere too...

No. 123
Type: Bug/Flying


There can only be one true favourite for me - Scyther. He's the only decent bug-type Pokemon there is, and blends bug moves with flying, poison and steel moves.

You can evolve him into Scizor in Pokemon Fire Red - just give him a 'metal coat' item to hold and trade him to evolve. As well as being a lightning-quick Pokemon with high attack power, Scyther is also one of the coolest-looking.

No. ?
Type: ?


Halfway torn between Articuno and Mewtwo, I couldn't pick a favourite between the two, so I've decided to let you choose.

Who should accompany the five cool Pokemon I picked?

Who's your favourite?

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2,557 Responses

  1. dan
    she is amazing
  2. hilbert
    I just have a pretty well based pokemon team.They are: Kyurem Haxorus Wailord Tornadus Armaldo Rampardos ...These are my team and my best pokemon for now and I have only played for 44 hours and 31 minutes.
  3. tão legal que eu não consigo parar de olhar
  4. Omega
    Lol wut?
  5. Ωmega or ShadowDarkraiX
    Quem é o seu Pokémon favorito?
  6. shiny eon
    i just caught a shiny latias and latios
  7. BluePonyta30
    I <3 my Serperior, LEEVY
  8. Darkrai Lover
    Darkrai is the best pokemon in the world
  9. Ωmega
    That is the correct answer! if anyone wants to chat, go to Pokémon Trading Center.
  10. Magikarp is number 1.

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