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Interview: UK coach Shasouda from RB6 champions Penta on the team’s journey, the growth of Siege and the UK scene

Esports News UK's Craig Robinson interviews Thomas "Shasoudas" Lee, the British head coach of Penta Sports' title-winning Rainbow 6 Siege PC team. Craig spoke to Shasoudas ahead of Penta's match in the final against Evil Geniuses. He asked about their semi-final victory against Black Dragons, their path to the final, the UK scene, grassroots esports and console…
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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Chimera full update revealed

Ubisoft has unveiled the full information for the much anticipated Operation Chimera update, including new operators and the new Outbreak game mode.   The new operators  As we already knew, the new operators in Operation Chimera will be available in the new cooperative game mode Outbreak. A teaser trailer was released the other day, showcasing the look of the new…
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Overwatch voice actors will be making an appearance at MCM Comic Con

Four actors who have voiced characters in Overwatch will be at MCM Comic Con in Birmingham next month. Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra), Jonny Cruz (Lucio), Carolina Ravassa (Sombra) and Fred Tatasciore (Soldier 76) will be making an appearance at the show. MCM Birmingham Comic Con promises another weekend of pop culture when it returns to the…
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Mankedupmage wins Old School RuneScape Deadman Winter Finals after original winner was caught botting

Another Deadman tournament, another winner disqualified for botting. However, unlike last time, Old School RuneScape developer Jagex avoided controversy by discovering the botting activity before announcing the winner. ij3ripur3 was caught botting and disqualified, meaning that UK player Mankedupmage took the title and the top prize of $20,000. The #DeadmanWinter winner is @Mankedupmage! After our normal…
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‘Aspiring streamers are willing to push themselves hard’ – new study looks at what makes a successful streamer

New research by Goldsmiths, University of London with researchers from the London School of Economics, has looked into what it takes to be a top video game streamer. The study explored the 'highly demanding' schedules of streamers (like Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen, pictured) aiming to be successful in an increasingly competitive market. Interviewees described the meticulous…
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UK FIFA pros qualify for eWorld Cup’s first tournament in January

A selection of the UK’s brightest talents have qualified through EA’s November Weekend Leagues for the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Cup #1 in January. Originally known as the Interactive World Cup, the competition was rebranded as the FIFA eWorld Cup in October and brought several ways for competitive hopefuls to qualify for the Grand Final…
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UK CSGO community reacts to new Trust Factor matchmaking system

CSGO developer Valve has introduced a new 'Trust Factor' matchmaking system into the game, which matches players based on similar behaviour patterns through Steam. It expands on last year's Prime Matchmaking system, which initially matched players who linked CSGO with a unique phone number, and later required in-game experience (at least rank 21). The new…
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