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How to get the very best in esports betting from MrGreen’s Sportsbook

Guest post Until recently, a lot of people who enjoy online betting on sports didn’t associate this activity with the MrGreen website. However, when MrGreen launched his new Sportsbook page, things began to change. Nowadays, MrGreen’s reputation as one of the best mobile/online gaming providers applies just as much to online sports as it does…
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gets a Brand New Town to Explore

Guest post The world of esports is becoming more exciting by the day, and game developers are making things more enticing. One of the things that gets gamers to stick with a particular game is when they come to their beloved games every other time and discover new features. Of course, many people like to…
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EA Sports Teams Up With NFL For An Esports League

Guest article EA Sports Ultimate Team in Madden NFL and FIFA are making a lot of money for game maker EA. What the management are now trying to do is figure out how to make more money from Ultimate Team. Esports is probably the answer that they've been looking for. And it's going to be…
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Esports are here to stay as Gorilla wins FIFA Interactive World Cup

Guest article Esports is something that has been around for quite a long time but has only began to gain mainstream popularity just recently. As you know it involves video games being played competitively, some say it's a sort of sport, with people able to win individual or team accolades, titles and the like. It’s…
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i61 winners roundup: MnM, ViM, Vexed & more

As the final Insomnia of the year has come to an end, we look back on the winners of the BYOC tournaments and UK Masters at i61 (not including the intermediate/community/minor competitions).   UK Masters The UK Masters finals in LoL and CSGO concluded last Friday. In LoL, MnM gaming played against excel esports in the…
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What it was like reporting live on the CoD Champs 2017 as a journalist

Last week, we had the good fortune of bringing Esports News UK to Orlando, Florida for the Call of Duty World League Championship. Jacob Hale looks back on the event in this behind-the-scenes account. The trip began on Thursday August 10th, the second and final day of group play for the biggest event on the…
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‘There will be an English champion by Friday’ – FIFA player Bullock makes Interactive World Cup prediction (video)

UPDATE: August 16th, 11pm: It's been a nightmare start for England. Sadly FOUR homegrown players have been eliminated from the group stages today, including a shock bottom-of-the-table finish for Tass in Xbox Group 2. Gorilla is the only Brit that remains in the competition, so Bullock's prediction below is technically still on. But they will be…
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Fnatic eliminated from CWL Championship

In a truly crushing blow to the UK Call of Duty scene, Fnatic have been eliminated from the Call of Duty World League Championship with a 13-16th placement. This Fnatic line-up, captained by veteran player Tommey, came out fighting in group play where they earned a 3-0 record against Evil Geniuses, Tainted Minds and Str8…
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Elevate eliminated from CoD World League Championship in bizarre circumstances

In their final group play match of the Call of Duty World League Championship and the Infinite Warfare season in its entirety, Elevate have been knocked out by Mindfreak Black. This happened after Zach “Zed” Zedenyer’s controller started to malfunction mid-map. The issue has been one pointed out continuously by pros over the last couple…
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