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‘We need to think more about inclusion in CSGO and supporting amateur players’ – Fnatic cArn

Fnatic chief gaming officer, co-owner and former pro Counter-Strike player Patrik Sättermon looks back on how the game has changed over the years. Speaking to Esports News UK at the Vainglory Spring Unified Championship at London's O2 this weekend, cArn said: "The game was definitely oversaturated for a while. Keeping track of the fixtures and schedules became really…
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Five minutes with: Excoundrel on UK Vainglory & mainstream coverage of esports

We caught up with well-known British caster Ceirnan "Excoundrel" Lowe at this weekend's Vainglory Spring Championship at London's O2. Over the past few years Excoundrel has gone from casting UK League of Legends tournaments like the ESL Premiership and UK Masters to covering wider esports and tournaments across Europe, from Overwatch to Hearthstone and Vainglory.…
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‘You’ll never keep me down’ – UK Tekken players protest innocence after being disqualified for suspected collusion

Two British Tekken players have hit back at critics after Bandai Namco took away their Tekken 7 UK Championship qualification spot for alleged collusion. Justin "King Jae" Nelson has published a vlog to clear his name following claims he colluded with fellow District G teammate C-Krizzle. This is one of the clips in question that purports to show the pair…
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Multiplay pushes for UK Masters LoL signups as orgs form new teams (LFT roundup)

Riot Games have promoted the UK Masters League of Legend signups on its forums today, reminding teams to take part. Multiplay also put out a reminder tweet: Have you signed up for the Summer '17 Season yet? Don't miss out! — UK Masters (@UKMasters) 8 May 2017 Since then, players and teams have…
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Is LoL coaching worth it? (we get coached by UK LAN veteran Tundra)

Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco tests out the coaching services of former Challenger player and experienced UK League of Legends coach and streamer Jamie "Tundra" Duthie. As a low elo Silver jungle player who produces a lot of written content on the UK esports scene, it's frankly embarrassing for me to be this bad at League…
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