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A night at the casino: When League of Legends goes Oceans Eleven

Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco writes a blog post on a staple of Insomnia: the post-LAN night out at the casino. After a hard day’s play at another Insomnia LAN, the UK League of Legends collective gather in the evening for a different kind of game. A game where elo, skill and reaction times…
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League of Lefties: New UK esports tournament for left-handed players emerges

A new esports competition has been revealed solely for left-handed players and staff. The League of Lefties has been announced at Insomnia62 and aims to make the UK esports scene more inclusive for left-handed people. It's been set up by a mix of esports organisations and grassroots talent and will kick off on International Left-Handers…
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KSI beats Joe Weller in YouTuber boxing match before challenging Jake and Logan Paul

Popular British YouTubers Olajide "KSI" Olatunji (aka JJ) and Joe Weller stepped into the boxing ring at London's Copperbox Arena this evening. It was KSI who emerged the victor in the third round, after months of verbal sparring and build-up between the pair. KSI beats Joe Weller by TKO!!!! #KSIWeller — EscaRAW (@kamuikilla15) February 3, 2018 The…
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Some UK League of Legends memes and stuff: 20 random things

The lack of 'Memes of the Month' content on Esports News UK has been downright appalling this year, so here's a bunch of random crap to quell your appetite (for now).   Doc and roll Let's get started with something from seasoned UK scene memer Tridd, based on everyone's former doctor-turned-caster, Medic. "Can you smeelllllllllll,…
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ITV News video clip features UK LoL players pulling some serious faces at i61

TV broadcaster ITV have posted a video news clip on social media featuring several UK esports players. The clip asks 'Should gaming become an Olympic sport?' and includes imagery from Multiplay Insomnia61 last weekend. It has some footage from the UK Masters League of Legends final between MnM Gaming, and features imagery of UK scene…
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Some UK League of Legends/esports memes from 2017 so far

Dom Sacco rounds up some of the UK esports/League of Legends memes that have spawned on Twitter so far this year. I know, I know. What the hell happened to Memes of the Month? I'm not sure. Maybe there were too many memes to include, maybe there weren't enough. Maybe I was lazy. I just never…
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NerdRage dismiss LoL team manager Ashley “Slip” Haynes

NerdRage.Pro have fired their League of Legends team manager, Ashley "Slip" Haynes, one day before they're due to play their first UK Masters match. Comments were made on the UK Masters Twitch chat insulting Slip, and Enclave jungler Skudzy posted them on Twitter: apparently nr slip buys his clothes from tesco????? — Skudzy (@SkudzyLoL) June 19, 2017 We're…
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The tale of a UK esports car, salt, and flipping the bird

Stuart McAllister, the owner of Northern Ireland-based esports org Nuclear Storm Gaming (NSG), posted a picture of a new car yesterday. Not just any old car - an eight-seater emblazoned with his org's logo. It looks professionally done and received a positive response from the UK community on Twitter. It's a demo vehicle, so Peugeot own it and were happy…
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