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Memes of the year: Top 10 UK LoL esports memes of 2016

Yes, this post is almost two months late. But the important thing is it's here now. We look back on some of the weirdest, funniest and downright bizarre social media memes, pictures and videos from the UK League of Legends esports scene in 2016.   10. Larssen the God While Renegades Banditos (now Misfits) will…
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Esports catfish exposed by unlikely detective duo Joekerism and SonaBoner

Picture credit: Gleb Romanov/Twitter This is possibly the most bizarre story we have ever written on Esports News UK. Never a dull moment. A man posing as a woman online, who duped esports players into boosting him in League of Legends, has been exposed as a catfish. An unlikely detective duo from the UK League of Legend scene…
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Join the Esports News UK League of Legends in-game club!

Have you ever wanted to be in with the cool kids? We know you have! Have you ever wanted to see Dom complain about all the LP he isn’t gaining in soloQ? We bet you do! Have you ever wanted to witness David moan about all those Silver ADCs he gets in his matches? We…
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Memes of the Month: The Fiesta of Clowns (September 2016)

There's a very interesting and strange collection of memes we have for you from the UK League of Legends eSports scene this month (plus a couple of Street Fighter ones too).   Game of Thrones Fiesta of Clowns xL jungler Skudzy produced a Game of Thrones-inspired UK LoL eSports meme following some of the initial…
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Memes of the Month: August 2016 (ish, pre-i58)

It's that time of the month again, and this month, former Choke jungler Tyrin "Dandychap" Davidson has been losing his mind. When your Choke $$$ come thru — Tyrin Davidson (@LoLDandyChap) August 15, 2016 Could really use some help with Insomnia funding. This and more could be yours via a cheeky PayPal donation DM…
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Banditos previously tried to change their name to ‘Name Submissions Denied’, but their name submission was denied

The Renegades Banditos, the winners of the most recent ESL UK League of Legends Premiership split, had nine new name submissions denied by Riot when they rebranded. Renegades were banned by Riot earlier this year, but the team was still allowed to play (and eventually win) the EU Challenger Series under a different name, after finding new owner Ben…
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Join the UK eSports fantasy football league

Sometimes you need a break from watching, playing or writing about eSports all the time - how about some good old football. eSports News UK has set up a fantasy football league for anyone from the UK eSports scene who's interested in taking part and having a laugh. The league will be for the 2016/17 season, which starts…
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