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Destination Unknown: What’s next for PUBG in UK esports?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a true surprise hit. It's sold 10 million copies and overtook League of Legends as the most-watched game of Twitch right now - and the finished version of the game isn't even here yet! On the esports front, ESL experimented with a $350,000 PUBG Invitational at Gamescom back in August, which was…
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From the UK scene to Worlds: British talent prepares for China

Esports News UK editor Dominic Sacco gets excited about the UK talent at Worlds 2017.  It's that time of the year again - an epic new login theme is here, the music video is no doubt about to drop and the groups draw is imminent. Yes, the League of Legends World Championship is back. For…
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Brit behind Singapore’s first pro esports team weighs in on UK esports

Experienced esports executive Drew Holt-Kentwell, one of two people behind Singapore's first pro esports team, has spoken to Esports News UK. He has founded Chaos Theory with Hai Ng, and the team has plans to revolutionise the esports landscape in South-east Asia by paving the way for the next generation of esports professionals. Chaos Theory will provide employment…
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Why you should attend LAN: A beginner’s guide to Insomnia

i61 is over, and there is no Insomnia this December, but our minds are already on i62 in spring 2018. Esports News UK content producer and Digital Warfare head of marketing Cameron Peberdy (@TheButteryGamer) shares his opinion on why you should attend Insomnia, arguably the biggest gaming event in the UK calendar. Have you ever…
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F1 esports deal a big opportunity but an even bigger gamble – opinion

Esports News UK editor Dominic Sacco shares his thoughts on today's news regarding the Formula 1 Esports Series. Racing games are a big of an enigma in the world of esports - they're currently seen as a specialist niche rather than a widespread hit. While the likes of Forza, Project Cars and Gran Turismo are all very impressive…
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WTF is… happening to games media?

A few days ago, Kotaku UK published an article with well-known British games critic TotalBiscuit about dealing with hateful online comments. The reaction to this article and the aftermath that followed inspired Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco to share his thoughts on the shifting games media landscape, Gamergate and why streamers should be as accountable…
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What it was like reporting live on the CoD Champs 2017 as a journalist

Last week, we had the good fortune of bringing Esports News UK to Orlando, Florida for the Call of Duty World League Championship. Jacob Hale looks back on the event in this behind-the-scenes account. The trip began on Thursday August 10th, the second and final day of group play for the biggest event on the…
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