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Exclusive: McLaren rules out getting into other esports or buying a team

British automotive brand McLaren will not be delving into the wider esports landscape. Esports News UK managed to grab Zak Brown, executive director of the McLaren Technology Group, after a press conference today at McLaren HQ. When asked if he has any plans to get into other esports outside of the driving game genre, or…
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Let’s talk about mental health in esports: 10 individuals share their stories

Dominic Sacco asks 10 people in UK esports and beyond how mental health has affected them, and whether esports has been a positive outlet for them in some way. Last week, Rich Eddy from RuneScape developer Jagex wrote a brilliant piece on about the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace. It reminded me:…
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Fnatic’s new London HQ has a sleeping area

Fnatic's new headquarters in London has its own 'nap pod', provided by mattress company Casper. The 5,000 sq ft esports home also has a gaming room, studio, board rooms, editing suites, co-working spaces, phone booths(!) and a kitchen supplied by ESL UK will also have some staff working from the offices. Fnatic held a launch…
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In pictures: Esports News UK’s first social (send in your event suggestions here)

We held our first social event earlier this month - check out our highlights here and feel free to suggest what you think we should host next. A mix of people attended from across UK esports including casters, coaches, community members, team owners, tournament organisers and ENUK readers. FM-eSports, CompeteLeague, EGL and others were present - even…
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Esports stars nominated for Women in Games Awards

UPDATE (May 19th): Veronique Lallier, Hi-Rez Studios CEO, has won the Esports Contender award. Original article (April 11th): The Women in Games Awards finalists have been named, and there are seven people up for the Esports Contender award. The awards bash takes place on Friday May 19th at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London. Those nominated in…
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