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Meltdown bars to launch ‘Tribes’ membership scheme and quarterly magazine

London's Meltdown bar could soon get its own rewards scheme for members, as well as a new print magazine. Sophia Metz, CEO of the chain of Meltdown gaming bars, spoke about the initiative at the Digital Gaming Revolution event in Antwerp, as reported by Esports Insider. Meltdown already hosts viewing parties and small tournaments and playing…
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Ebuyer and Chillblast team up to make FMESPORTS-branded PCs

You'll soon be able to buy an official FMESPORTS desktop PC system, courtesy of online retailer Ebuyer and system builder Chillblast. Esports News UK has a sneak peek of a custom case design mock-up which shows what the systems could possibly look like. The FMESPORTS systems are set to feature a case with a custom glass side panel…
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FATAL1TY launches ReadyUp, the ‘first esports team management platform’ for amateur and pro teams

One of the world's first and most well-known pro esports players, Johnathan "FATAL1TY" Wendel, has co-founded a new esports team management service. Known as ReadyUp, the platform claims to be the the first of its kind, designed to 'benefit amateur and professional esports athletes, teams and gaming clans'. It features tools for roster management, scheduling, availability…
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Where will the winner of McLaren’s esports competition work? (behind the scenes HQ tour & video interview)

Earlier this month British racing brand McLaren became the first Formula 1 team to enter esports. It announced the World's Fastest Gamer - a new esports tournament that runs across several games including Forza, Project Cars, Gran Turismo and even mobile games. The winner will land a one-year contract with McLaren's F1 team as one of its official simulator…
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