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How has online betting evolved with the emergence of esports betting?

Some people may think of esports betting as a totally different dimension in gambling. However, there are people who have great knowledge of esports betting. So, let us have a look few things that can help us understand this mode of gambling, betting terms and the markets. What is esports? Esports, aka electronic sports, are…
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Growing Popularity of Esports Raises Concerns of Illicit Betting

Guest article Esports is a genre of competitive video gaming that is taking the world by storm – and in particular, the gambling world. Las Vegas is booming with new eSports ventures as the world warms up to this exciting new sport, which has just recently gained Olympic status after being added to the Asian…
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ELEAGUE announces online qualifier for CSGO Premier 2017

CSGO teams from around the world will have the chance to compete with the likes of Astralis and SK Gaming in next month’s CSGO Premier 2017. ELEAGUE has announced that an online qualifier to the tournament will be held on August 26th and August 27th, with four places at the major up for grabs. This online…
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Join the Esports News UK Fantasy Football League

Just like last year, us at Esports News UK will be running a fantasy football league this season. After the success of last year’s league, we want to aim this year to get more involved, with more competition, and find out who is the true fantasy king of UK esports. The league will, of course,…
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Five highlights from the 2017 PGL Major Championship

This year’s PGL Major has been an unqualified success. Apart from the slight controversy surrounding BIG’s use of a glitch, there’s been nothing negative to report. We’ve seen some excellent performances and some fabulous matches, and we’ve ended up with a brand new major champion in Gambit. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed following this tournament over the…
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What does the closure of Yahoo Esports mean for the future of the industry?

Guest article Yahoo Esports closed its doors on June 16th, meaning the esports industry has lost one of its biggest outlets for coverage and media. While the esports brand was huge with followers of esports, when Verizon purchased Yahoo in its efforts to build a new brand from Yahoo and AOL, their plans for developing…
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Top 3 CSGO crosshair generators to play like a pro

Guest article Anyone who's ever played CSGO knows how competitive it can be. The fourth installment of Valve's popular FPS series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has all the hallmarks of a CS game. It has the same robust and challenging gameplay of its predecessors. Counter-Strike has always been known for its high skill ceiling. This has…
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Video games and the gambling world

Guest article Video games have stopped being just something that kids use to waste hours on instead of doing their homework, the development of the industry has made these games mean a lot more. There has been a particular massive crop of pay-to-play games with no winning return value to the player but maybe as…
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The future of MMOs in esports is still uncertain according to observers

Guest article Esports is taking the world by storm right now and are fast gaining in popularity. Professional gamers compete against each other just like any other sport, and gaming teams around the world fight for prestige and recognition in addition to hefty prizes. Teams like Optic Gaming, EvilGeniuses, Cloud9 and many others have been…
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Level Up: Gamification of Casino Games is Here

Featured article While you may not think esports games like Halo and Call of Duty and FIFA are anything like casino games, you might want to think twice. Gamification is essence is adding gaming elements such as ‘visual and auditory effects', level ups, unlockable content and narratives. By adding in these gamification elements casino providers…
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