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How to run your own grassroots esports tournament: 7 steps to a successful event

Chris Williams, Chair of Fragsoc (University of York's video gaming and LAN society), regularly hosts LAN tournaments for more than 100 people. In this article, he presents a step-by-step guide on how to organise your own grassroots esports tournament.   1. Travel to other people's events & become part of the community As with most…
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Web developer ElliotVS targets UK eSports organisations with discount offer

A fast-growing startup website developer and managed hosting provider is offering UK eSports organisations a discount on its services. ElliotVS - which powers the likes of Exertus Esports, Nifty Customs and eSports News UK - is offering new customers 60% off the first month payment on any managed WordPress hosting monthly subscription. To get your…
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Egos, contracts & player power: Long-form opinion piece on how UK eSports is changing and why organisations need to be smarter

In this long-form opinion piece, Team EndPoint CEO Adam "Adz" Jessop shares his thoughts on player power, how UK eSports has changed since his first Insomnia event at i12, the role of an amateur eSports organisation in the current climate and the recent UK League of Legends drama. Recently, a lot has been said regarding 'player power'…
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Lolmanager: Free-to-play League of Legends eSports management game lets you build a dream team

(Sponsored content) If you're anything like us and grew up playing the legendary Championship Manager football simulation games, then Lolmanager might be up your street. Akin to popular sports management titles like Football Manager, Lolmanager is the first free-to-play browser sim based on popular MOBA League of Legends. It's essentially a text-based title that lets you manage your own…
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Betting and eSports: Why traditional bookies are targeting gamers

(Sponsored content)  Betting in eSports is getting big. What started out as a niche, specialist area has grown to grab the attention of traditional betting companies from William Hill to Paddy Power, Betway and Ladbrokes. According to Newzoo data, the global eSports Audience stands at around 226 million gamers, while the number of eSports enthusiasts reached…
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Why the CSGO coaching decision is a step back & what Valve can learn from the NFL

Bill Belichick, coach for the Patriots' NFL football team (left) and Sergey "starix" Ischuk, coach for Natus Vincere's CSGO side (right) CSGO developer Valve has introduced a rule which means coaches are now limited to communicating with players during warm-up, half-time and one of four new 30-second timeouts that the coach or player can call. In this guest opinion piece,…
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You can now support eSports News UK on Patreon

You can now help support our UK eSports coverage by donating a small amount through the ENUK page on crowdfunding website Patreon. If you're a fan of what we do, and would like to contribute, you will allow us to produce better content, cover more games and pay for better web hosting (which means our site won't…
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Betting on eSports – A Basic Primer

(Sponsored content) When you read or hear sports, your mind might immediately think of football, basketball, tennis etc - sports that have been part of history for hundreds of years. However, during the last five years a new breed of sport has been on the rise. Sport whose athletes are not your typical Lebron James 6’7”…
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