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Bookmakers are taking esports betting a lot more seriously

Guest post Since the internet became an absolute fixture in our lives earlier this century, sports betting and online gambling has progressively become more popular. There are literally hundreds of different platforms that offer a myriad of wagering options on both traditional sporting events, as well as various games of chance. If you’ve ever seen…
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The best available football video games

Article contains affiliate links In an age where sports are universally popular, it makes sense to have an array of quality games that reflect the sporting world. This article will analyse the best available football-orientated video games on the market. The excitement of a World Cup year Excitement is begging to grow ahead of one…
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The evolution of the esports gaming experience

Guest post A few decades ago, youngsters used to make savings from their personal budgets to acquire the latest gadgets, toys and games. Conventionally, playing offline games would be costly, but since the introduction and complete evolution of the broadband internet, esports streams run in browsers and have become an excellent substitute for both fun…
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How I fell in love with esports

Article written by Peter Fritz Esports, or competitive gaming, is something I personally feel has managed to take playing video games to the next level. Games have always been a great source of entertainment in my opinion and there has always been a lot to play for when it comes to gaming too. You could…
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Odds released for Dota 2 – The International 2018

Guest post As you will likely know, esports has taken the betting industry by storm, and now to such an extent that odds are now released months in advance for big events like The International. To put it into perspective, you cannot find odds for the 2018/19 FA Premier League football season, despite the fact…
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Are there taxes applicable when using Bitcoin in esports?

Guest post Bitcoin is a form of digital currency used in trading. Just like any other currency, there are taxes applicable every time one uses the coin during transactions. Okay, let’s take a different angle. Are there taxes applicable in esports? Indeed, how else would all the sportsbooks and other bodies make revenue and be…
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Creeping Death: The Main Causes of Death in PoE

Guest post On your exile’s path to redemption—and subsequent immortality—you’re bound to have your fair share of deaths. That’s the way it is in any MMO, and Path of Exile is no different. The macabre continent of Wraeclast is strewn with monsters of every conceivable size and form, after all. You’re bound to get dismembered…
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The Bitcoin skeptics are out in force but will they be proved wrong?

Guest article The Bitcoin skeptics are out in force since the start of 2018, as the price struggles to find an upward trajectory. So far this year the news has been packed with negative stories; the focus has been on short-term price fluctuations and not the actual performance of BTC. It is strange that an…
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What can we expect from esports and mobile gaming in 2018?

Guest post Mobile gaming reached new heights in 2017 which means that 2018 is all set to see some phenomenal developments. The popularity of mobile games is such that they now represent 43% of the complete market price of games. Times have changed Previously, PC and console gaming were the main areas where the big…
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