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The Rising Cost of Playing Hearthstone

Guest post Hearthstone is a very popular online collectable card game. Blizzard, the company that created and developed the game, essentially allowed a team of game designers to recreate the physical collectable card games that they had enjoyed as children and teenagers. The formula worked; the game was completely accessible as a free-to-play title. Spending…
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The Phenomenal Rise Of The Esports Industry

Guest post No one could have predicted the phenomenal rise of the eports industry, and even today if you were to ask the average person on the street, not all of them will have heard about it. Who would have thought that watching gamers play games online would become one of the most popular spectator…
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Game Digital hopes to have up to 100 Belong Arenas in the future

Guest post UK retailer GAME Digital aims to have opened 35 Belong Arenas by the end of 2018 and eventually up to 100 or above overall. The chain opened its first Belong competitive gaming store this time last year and has gone on to open several more throughout 2017. Martyn Gibbs, GAME CEO, spoke with the Daily…
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The rise of esports as a sports betting option

Guest post For decades, gamers have devoted tons of hours trying to conquer video games. In the early years of video gaming, the target was Donkey Kong, PacMan or Super Mario. In more recent years, many gamers focus on games like Warcraft, Call of Duty or Minecraft (for the latest and most popular games, you…
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A guide to betting on esports

Guest post Esports has boomed in popularity in recent years, with fans around the world watching their favourite players and teams perform. Live streaming platforms such as Twitch and ESPN have given people unprecedented access to esports, helping the genre to grow even further. Read on for this brief guide to betting on esports. Games…
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Why do millennials like esports as much as traditional sports?

Guest post It's no surprise to learn that millennials enjoy esports just as much - if not more than they like physical sports. A new study by Kleiner Perkins on Internet Trends has shown exactly this. Many men and women between the ages of 21-35 can’t get enough of esports, and may well enjoy them…
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How has betting on esports changed the face of gambling?

Guest post According to experts, esports will double its current audience to as many as 600 million people by 2020. The competitive gaming industry is already attracting sell-out tournament audiences in real life venues, as well as millions more watching online. In fact, one of the most-watched esports competitions, the League of Legends World Championship,…
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Esports injuries and the importance of recovery time

Guest post Esports has of course gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It's a burgeoning industry with millions of viewers worldwide. Just like great players in the NFL, NBA or EPL, esports players require hours of practice in order to stay ahead of the competition. And as it gets tougher at the top,…
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How esports managed to grow so fast

Guest post From 1958's Tennis for Two in 1958 to Dota and League of Legends in present time, it's remarkable how much competitive gaming has developed. It has changed the gaming industry and has given birth to a number of esports stars in the process. But what enabled it to grow so fast? Here are…
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