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Creeping Death: The Main Causes of Death in PoE

Guest post On your exile’s path to redemption—and subsequent immortality—you’re bound to have your fair share of deaths. That’s the way it is in any MMO, and Path of Exile is no different. The macabre continent of Wraeclast is strewn with monsters of every conceivable size and form, after all. You’re bound to get dismembered…
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The Bitcoin skeptics are out in force but will they be proved wrong?

Guest article The Bitcoin skeptics are out in force since the start of 2018, as the price struggles to find an upward trajectory. So far this year the news has been packed with negative stories; the focus has been on short-term price fluctuations and not the actual performance of BTC. It is strange that an…
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What can we expect from esports and mobile gaming in 2018?

Guest post Mobile gaming reached new heights in 2017 which means that 2018 is all set to see some phenomenal developments. The popularity of mobile games is such that they now represent 43% of the complete market price of games. Times have changed Previously, PC and console gaming were the main areas where the big…
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How Bitcoin Is Costing Gamers Money

Guest article Cryptocurrencies may have been going through a particularly turbulent time since the start of 2018 but they've proven they're here to stay. Even though the price is crashing, a recovery is expected once regulation has caught up to technology and everyone knows the set of rules they need to play by. At the…
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The cryptocurrency that is changing the esports industry

Guest post Chances are you've heard the name Bitcoin mentioned over the past few years. It has been heavily mentioned in all the major newspapers around the world due to the price growing thousands of percent, making those who were early buyers extremely rich. It has led many investors searching the marketplace to find the…
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Why are esports and Bitcoin becoming mainstream?

Guest post If you had asked an investment or wealth adviser in 2008 after the financial crisis, none would have suggested to buy Bitcoin. Even now in 2018 after it has outperformed every asset class for the last few years, there are still skeptics. If you had a Bitcoin Wallet with a few hundred BTC…
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Why betting on esports is a better option for gamers

Guest post The video games industry is moving forwards at a rapid pace, and esports betting is growing in its own right within that industry. Not familiar with this? We offer you an overview of betting on esports. It goes without saying that millions of people today are involved with video games. If you're online…
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The Rising Cost of Playing Hearthstone

Guest post Hearthstone is a very popular online collectable card game. Blizzard, the company that created and developed the game, essentially allowed a team of game designers to recreate the physical collectable card games that they had enjoyed as children and teenagers. The formula worked; the game was completely accessible as a free-to-play title. Spending…
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The Phenomenal Rise Of The Esports Industry

Guest post No one could have predicted the phenomenal rise of the eports industry, and even today if you were to ask the average person on the street, not all of them will have heard about it. Who would have thought that watching gamers play games online would become one of the most popular spectator…
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