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Top 3 CSGO crosshair generators to play like a pro

Guest article Anyone who's ever played CSGO knows how competitive it can be. The fourth installment of Valve's popular FPS series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has all the hallmarks of a CS game. It has the same robust and challenging gameplay of its predecessors. Counter-Strike has always been known for its high skill ceiling. This has…
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Who are the top 3 UK League of Legends players in each position?

Our UK Masters discussion panel explored this topic live on Twitch earlier thanks to a great suggestion from NerdRage support player Prosfair. Here's what we came up with (based on qualifiers and week one of the UK Masters), along with the video of us discussing each position. Note: This list is for players who are…
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Where will the winner of McLaren’s esports competition work? (behind the scenes HQ tour & video interview)

Earlier this month British racing brand McLaren became the first Formula 1 team to enter esports. It announced the World's Fastest Gamer - a new esports tournament that runs across several games including Forza, Project Cars, Gran Turismo and even mobile games. The winner will land a one-year contract with McLaren's F1 team as one of its official simulator…
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Larssen on form as MnM take first win (Road to Challenger Series: Day 1)

ENUK editor Dom Sacco shares his views on UK League of Legends team MnM Gaming as they take part in the EU Challenger Series Qualifiers (CSQs) this week.   Day 1: Monday May 23rd   The competition (Millenium) Millenium took part in the Challenger Series last split, however they acquired an entirely new roster for the…
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Let’s talk about mental health in esports: 10 individuals share their stories

Dominic Sacco asks 10 people in UK esports and beyond how mental health has affected them, and whether esports has been a positive outlet for them in some way. Last week, Rich Eddy from RuneScape developer Jagex wrote a brilliant piece on about the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace. It reminded me:…
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What’s the story behind all those Hadow smurfs?

If you're a high elo League of Legends player on the EU West server, you might be familiar with the 'Hadow Smurf' phenomenon. Loads of Hadow smurfs have been cropping up on the Master and Challenger ladder, named after UK League of Legends veteran support player Mantas "Hadow" Šukevičius. At some point around 20 people changed their…
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Is LoL coaching worth it? (we get coached by UK LAN veteran Tundra)

Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco tests out the coaching services of former Challenger player and experienced UK League of Legends coach and streamer Jamie "Tundra" Duthie. As a low elo Silver jungle player who produces a lot of written content on the UK esports scene, it's frankly embarrassing for me to be this bad at League…
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In pictures: Esports News UK’s first social (send in your event suggestions here)

We held our first social event earlier this month - check out our highlights here and feel free to suggest what you think we should host next. A mix of people attended from across UK esports including casters, coaches, community members, team owners, tournament organisers and ENUK readers. FM-eSports, CompeteLeague, EGL and others were present - even…
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