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ESL UK CSGO Premiership Summer 2016 Promotions: Week Two Recap

Last week there were four ESL UK CSGO matches, as the Promotions phase of the ESL UK Premiership came to an end over Monday September 12th and Tuesday September 13th. Reece Barrett provides a recap.   FM-eSports vs Reason - Upper Bracket Final This week began with FM esports up against favourites Reason Gaming in the upper bracket final, which went just about as you would expect. FM were able to put up somewhat of a fight, but in the end Reason reigned supreme with a 2­0 victory.   Fish123 vs ORGless Fish123 vs ORGless was the second game of the night and had a very surprising result. Most people were well and truly backing Fish123 to take this series, with the lineup they were packing they looked powerful, but ORGless weren’t messing around and after two close maps, the series was 1­1. Unfortunately towards end the night, Fish123 were unable to continue playing and it meant that ORGless went through on a default win.   FM-eSports…
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Was it fair for ESL UK to punish exceL eSports in this way?

UPDATE: eSports News UK has learnt a major penalty point deducts 10% of the prize money received by the team in question. We understand that ESL will also be phasing out major penalty points going forwards. We're still waiting to hear a formal statement from them. Original article: UK eSports organisation exceL eSports has been handed 11 minor…
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EGX reveals teams for this month’s $100,000 CSGO Invitational in Birmingham

Well-established video games event EGX is making a bigger splash in eSports at this year's show. Organisers have just announced the four teams taking part in the $100,000 CSGO Invitational: Epsilon, Mousesports, EnVyUs and Godsent. The tournament will take place at the Birmingham NEC from September 23rd to 25th, hosted by Gfinity and sponsored by Intel…
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Multiplay grows UK Masters with new £20,000 LoL and £7,500 Hearthstone tournaments

Event organiser Multiplay has announced new League of Legends and Hearthstone UK Masters eSports competitions. The news comes after Multiplay's first CSGO UK Masters tournament concluded, with Caz eSports beating FM-eSports in the final at i58. The Masters tournaments start ahead of i-series and have their finals at LAN. But they are separate to the…
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Egos, contracts & player power: Long-form opinion piece on how UK eSports is changing and why organisations need to be smarter

In this long-form opinion piece, Team EndPoint CEO Adam "Adz" Jessop shares his thoughts on player power, how UK eSports has changed since his first Insomnia event at i12, the role of an amateur eSports organisation in the current climate and the recent UK League of Legends drama. Recently, a lot has been said regarding 'player power'…
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Caz eSports sign their first Hearthstone player

Caz eSports have taken their first steps in the UK Hearthstone scene. The organisation have signed Pernille "Penny" Matthews, an up and coming female Hearthstone player. The Danish player has been involved in Hearthstone during the past few years, and has taken part in recent i-series tournaments. She took part in her first major event at DreamHack…
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