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TCA part ways with UK League of Legends team

UK esports organisation TCA have let their League of Legends team go. The roster was as follows: Top: Pavle 'Yoppa' Kostić Jungle: Josh 'J3T' Bhella Mid: Daniel 'Kroghsen' Krogh ADC: Matt 'Deadly' Smith Support: Neyas 'Raizins' Guruswamy Sub: Matthew 'Matty Triceps' Cheung Head Coach: Tobias 'Mowarth' Sjunnesson Coach: Daniel 'Lonardi' Cramon The org made the announcement on…
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MnM to move into another game this year – could it be Hearthstone?

MnM Gaming, winners of the ESL UK Premiership in both League of Legends and CSGO, are about to branch out into another competitive game. MnM co-founder Kalvin Chung tweeted the following tease this evening: Excited to be picking up one more eSports title before 2016 ends... — Kalvin (@KalKalCS) November 29, 2016 Esports News UK reached…
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Maxlore leaves Giants Gaming

UK League of Legends pro Nubar "Maxlore" Sarafian has left EU LCS team Giants Gaming. The jungler said in this Twitlonger post yesterday: "Overall I had a fantastic time with Giants. I gained a lot of experience and learned a lot about the game as well as the aspects outside of the game. "Thank you to…
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A deadly cocktail: How Molotovs & Marshmallows lit up UK eSports – an interview with MnM co-founders Kalvin and Daniel, and a look at the LoL team’s success

Last month, Molotovs & Marshmallows (aka MnM Gaming) won the ESL UK CSGO and League of Legends Premierships, and reached the Overwatch final. Their League of Legends team also won the Multiplay Insomnia58 League of Legends tournament. But what has the organisation's meteoric rise come down to, how have they been successful in a short…
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i59 League of Legends prize pool adjusted to £3,000

Multiplay has given the Insomnia59 League of Legends eSports tournament a fixed £3,000 prize pool. Last month the event organiser announced it had reduced the prize pool to a starting amount of £1,500, rising to £2,250 if at least 16 teams sign up, and £3,000 if 32 or more teams take part. Now it has made it…
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Distrikt march on in the UK LoL Masters – week 6 recap

David Hollingsworth looks back on this week's UK Masters League of Legends matches... Ah, pre-season time again on the Rift. The shake up of the champion meta, item changes and headaches for everyone dropping from Gold IV to Bronze  IV (and on this occasion Challenger to Bronze V!), because Riot hates you and everything you…
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