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With Worlds 2016 heading to NA, will the UK have an LCS event this year?

The League of Legends World Championship will take place in North America this year. Riot Games is calling Worlds 2016 - which takes place from September 29th to October 29th - 'the ultimate US road trip'. eSports News UK understands Riot may be running some community events in the UK/London this year, rather than LCS…
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League of Legends ESL UK Premiership Season 3 first round preview

The ESL UK LoL Premiership official kicks off today (Wednesday February 17th) and with it comes the first round of best-of-ones, featuring all eight teams in the tournament. The schedule is here and below: These games should make an interesting first round, simply from how all these teams have been revamped. Some teams seem like dark…
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UK eSports pros including Tundra petition for ESL UK to ditch best-of-one format

Long-running UK League of Legends player Jamie "Tundra" Duthie is spearheading a petition to encourage ESL UK to revise its format for the upcoming League Premiership. Tundra and other 'UK eSports elders' are petitioning online for ESL UK to switch from a best-of-one format to a best-of-two format of sorts, where matches can result in a…
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ESL UK LoL Premiership Season 3: Final eight teams confirmed

Renegades Banditos, ManaLight, TCA eSports and MnM Gaming have all qualified for the League of Legends ESL UK Premiership Season 3. They will join the top four from last season - Team Infused, FM-eSports, Choke Gaming and Exertus Esports - to form the eight teams competing this season. During the promotions tournament this weekend, ManaLight,…
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ESL UK LoL promotions weekend preview: Who will qualify for the Premiership?

The week-three qualifier saw Renegades Banditos, ManaLight, GLB Blue and exceL eSports progress to the ESL UK Premiership promotion tournament. So who will they be facing and what action can we expect to see this Valentines weekend? (February 13th to 14th) Qualifiers recap 1st Seed: Renegades qualified for the 1st seed without any doubt. They won both finals…
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‘No female player is good enough, but I have tricks up my sleeve’ – Team Paria’s UK female mid-laner Vicksy

Female pro gamers will struggle at the top level of competitive League of Legends because they aren't yet as good as male players, says Team Paria's UK mid-laner Victoria "Vicksy" Doman. She recently joined Paria's first-team roster and will compete in this weekend's promotions tournament to qualify for season three of the ESL UK Premiership. When asked…
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Interview: Team Paria coach on chances of qualifying for ESL UK Premiership

We interview Team Paria's League of Legends coach Utah "Tendanas" Schelhaas ahead of his team's tough match against ManaLight this weekend. Check out our full ESL UK Promotions Tournament Preview here. What are your thoughts on your competition in the qualifiers, and potentially the Premiership? To be fair I think every team will be a strong…
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Team Paria and ManaLight engage in pre-match banter

eSports organisations Team Paria and ManaLight enjoyed some light-hearted fighting talk on Twitter today ahead of the ESL UK Promotions tournament. The two League of Legends teams face one another this Saturday (February 13th) as they look to qualify for Season 3 of the ESL UK Premiership. ManaLight sent a tweet out earlier today asking…
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