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Why was League Fest scrapped?

UPDATE: Another source close to the situation has informed us that the production and headsets info below is incorrect. Though one of our original sources says it's correct. GAME's former strategy manager Jonathan Tilbury commented on Twitter: Not sure who the source is, but the bulk of those claims are untrue. So much love went into…
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Why you should attend LAN: A beginner’s guide to Insomnia

i61 is over, and there is no Insomnia this December, but our minds are already on i62 in spring 2018. Esports News UK content producer and Digital Warfare head of marketing Cameron Peberdy (@TheButteryGamer) shares his opinion on why you should attend Insomnia, arguably the biggest gaming event in the UK calendar. Have you ever…
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ITV News video clip features UK LoL players pulling some serious faces at i61

TV broadcaster ITV have posted a video news clip on social media featuring several UK esports players. The clip asks 'Should gaming become an Olympic sport?' and includes imagery from Multiplay Insomnia61 last weekend. It has some footage from the UK Masters League of Legends final between MnM Gaming, and features imagery of UK scene…
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