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Insomnia i60 live music line-up announced

Music and video games go together like ham & cheese, UK League of Legends & memes and Arsenals & fourth place. After Multiplay announced last year it had signed a deal with Island Records to get some live acts at Insomnia, it has now confirmed who will be playing live. i60 was already looking like…
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Multiplay confirms £1,500 i60 League of Legends tournament, rising to £3,000

Multiplay has announced details of the League of Legends esports tournament at Insomnia60 in April. The prize pool starts at £1,500, rising to £2,250 if 16 teams sign up, or £3,000 if at least 32 teams participate. "If you enjoy League of Legends, there’s no better way to spend this Easter weekend," Multiplay said in…
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League of Legends and Hearthstone dropped from UK Masters Spring 2017

Multiplay has confirmed the UK Masters will return in the spring with more details and changes to the new season. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will take center stage as the sole title of the spring season, where teams will compete for a £15,000 prize pool and prizes will be awarded for each map win. B But League…
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UK to host CoD World League in London, Birmingham and Sheffield

The Call of Duty World League (CWL) has announced today that it will be bringing three of four of its current 2017 EU competitions to the UK. It has teamed up with Gfinity, ESWC, Multiplay and EGL to make these tournaments available. As there are several top level Call of Duty players from the UK, it's no…
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i59 winners roundup

In what is possibly the slowest esports 'news' article we've ever written (blame this guy), here's a roundup of the winners from Multiplay Insomnia59 earlier this month.   League of Legends Danish organisation Magistra won this tournament (pictured above), beating ESL UK Premiership champions MnM Gaming in the final 3-2. Former TCA ADC and UK…
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Watch: MnM Gaming’s behind the scenes UK League of Legends videos

ESL UK League of Legends and CSGO champions MnM Gaming released a series of team videos over the past month. One follows the team's road to the ESL finals - and their victory over Epiphany Bolt - while another covers the UK Masters finals. There's also a short teaser video of the team. The videos were…
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Sarcastic Reddit post on i59 CSGO winners FM-eSports results in UK esports bashing, prompts Multiplay response

If there's one thing you can rely on Reddit for, it's a cacophony of cutting comments from an angry pitchfork-wielding mob. UK esports organisation FM-eSports and the UK Counter-Strike sphere are the latest to fall victim to the Reddit masses, after FM beat Team EndPoint 3-0 in the final of the Counter-Strike open at Insomnia59 on the weekend. Don't…
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TCA part ways with UK League of Legends team

UK esports organisation TCA have let their League of Legends team go. The roster was as follows: Top: Pavle 'Yoppa' Kostić Jungle: Josh 'J3T' Bhella Mid: Daniel 'Kroghsen' Krogh ADC: Matt 'Deadly' Smith Support: Neyas 'Raizins' Guruswamy Sub: Matthew 'Matty Triceps' Cheung Head Coach: Tobias 'Mowarth' Sjunnesson Coach: Daniel 'Lonardi' Cramon The org made the announcement on…
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