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ESL UK League of Legends 2016 team rosters

As the League of Legends ESL UK Premiership 2016 Spring Season gets underway, the first rosters have been confirmed. Here's a list of some of the biggest teams and their players. This is a constant in-progress article which we'll update as rosters change. You can also let us know if you'd like us to include a team…
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Fnatic is forming a second League of Legends team

London-based eSports organisation Fnatic is putting together a new League of Legends Challenger team. The org is looking for players and a coach, as well as potentially those who are also a sports psychologist, nutritionist, chef or physiotherapist. It says that the second team will be working "side-by-side" with its main team and its coaching…
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Team Paria and ManaLight engage in pre-match banter

eSports organisations Team Paria and ManaLight enjoyed some light-hearted fighting talk on Twitter today ahead of the ESL UK Promotions tournament. The two League of Legends teams face one another this Saturday (February 13th) as they look to qualify for Season 3 of the ESL UK Premiership. ManaLight sent a tweet out earlier today asking…
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Vince Clarke announces new eSports organisation Team Senses

Choke Gaming's former manager Vince Clarke is forming a new organisation to mark his re-entry back into the UK scene. He called his new organisation Team Senses, stating that some players use their sixth sense or intuition to dominate the games they play. Vince made the announcement during an online talk show hosted by another UK organisation: TCA eSports.…
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UK eSports organisations introduce legally binding player contracts and salaries

UK eSports organisations Choke Gaming and ManaLight have introduced contracts for their League of Legends players, with the latter offering player salaries as well. They are among the first ESL UK LoL teams to have legally binding long-term contracts in place for all of their players as well as their coach, joining the likes of Terra Cotta Army (TCA),…
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Team Paria coach fired over ‘internal conflicts’

Daniel "Rook" Wiitanen (pictured) - who was recently appointed strategic coach of Team Paria's League of Legends team - has been sacked, eSports News UK understands. Team Paria has let him go due to 'internal conflicts', with head coach Tendanas (Utah Schelhaas) now stepping up to coach the team. eSports News UK interviewed Daniel after he…
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