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VeloxGG exit UK Overwatch eSports scene

New organisation VeloxGG is waving goodbye to competitive UK Overwatch. The org had a brief but promising stint in the weekly UK Overwatch Ballistix Cups (narrowly missing out on beating Choke in one final), plus other tournaments, but have decided to call it a day. VeloxGG had high hopes in the UK scene, but have quit…
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Choke apologise for late payments, Tom Villiers steps down as manager

Choke manager Tom Villiers has issued a statement, saying he has paid the players what is owed and that he will be taking a break from eSports after Insomnia. The news comes after former player Luka "Lukezy" Trumbić shared some chat logs between himself and Tom Villiers, claiming he had not been paid his share of Insomnia rewards or…
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ESL UK Prem Contender Series results recap – week one

Who's doing well in the ESL UK Premiership qualifiers in League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch and CSGO? Here's our quick week 1 results recap.   League of Legends Read more from our article here.   Overwatch   Hearthstone Here's the top ten:   CSGO The bracket is pretty large for CSGO so we've gone with…
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Is this the beginning of the end for Choke Gaming? (comment & timeline)

Long-running UK eSports organisation Choke Gaming has announced it will soon become temporarily 'inactive', but with players leaving, ongoing legal action and a lack of sponsors, is it all but over for the org? eSports News UK editor Dominic Sacco shares his honest opinion on Choke.   UPDATE (August 15th):  Choke manager Tom Villiers has issued…
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Richard Lewis video interview (part 1) – the decline of UK eSports

After producing a video log attacking the UK eSports scene a few days ago, prominent eSports journalist Richard Lewis agreed to record a special video discussion show with ENUK. Richard originally said that the UK eSports scene should be 'nuked from space', and highlighted some of the recent controversy in the local CSGO scene, including cheating and…
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Choke disbands its UK Overwatch team as players go separate ways

On Thursday, Choke Gaming announced that their Overwatch team had disbanded. This came to a surprise to many of us after they had such a dominant spree here in the UK scene, only to be dethroned on Tuesday by Team Endpoint. With such a long successful spree in the UK scene what was it that…
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