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Team EndPoint merge with VATIC, acquire staff and Overwatch roster

Team Endpoint have today announced their merger with VATIC. The deal will see the team at VATIC joining EndPoint, along with the VATIC Overwatch roster. Plus, streetwear brand DRKN and peripherals company Xtrfy will now move across as VATIC partners to become partners with EndPoint. eSports News UK understands there was no fee involved in…
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London LYNX acquires UK CSGO team GTN in time for Insomnia59

UK eSports organisation London LYNX have been prowling the UK CSGO scene for some time - now they're going for the jugular. The org have acquired the CSGO team known as Generic Team Name (aka GTN), who have been performing in the current UK Masters league. This team made it through ESEA Intermediate and are now…
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A deadly cocktail: How Molotovs & Marshmallows lit up UK eSports – an interview with MnM co-founders Kalvin and Daniel, and a look at the LoL team’s success

Last month, Molotovs & Marshmallows (aka MnM Gaming) won the ESL UK CSGO and League of Legends Premierships, and reached the Overwatch final. Their League of Legends team also won the Multiplay Insomnia58 League of Legends tournament. But what has the organisation's meteoric rise come down to, how have they been successful in a short…
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The UK CSGO scene, where people argue over a keyboard and mouse mat – opinion

Dominic Sacco shares his views on a weird recent development in the UK CSGO eSports scene. UPDATE (5pm): VATIC founder Matt Litherland has sent the following statement to eSports News UK following the publication of this article: "Regarding the topics in this article, I would like to apologise for the heated conversations that took place and…
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Which UK League of Legends teams are looking for new players?

With so many people playing League of Legends around the world, the eSports scene that surrounds it is massive and only getting bigger. So at eSports news UK, we wanted to create a dedicated place for UK and EU teams who are looking to start new League of Legends teams, or fill a gap in their current…
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Fnatic dismisses ‘false’ Nintendo eSports discussion rumours

Update: Fnatic says the report suggesting they have been in talks with Nintendo is not true. The organisation's owner, Sam Mathews, told eSports News UK that the report by PVPLive is false, and that Fnatic has not been in talks with Nintendo around its strategy in eSports. Nintendo revealed its new Switch console late last month and…
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Exclusive interview with Fnatic founder Sam Mathews – would he sell to a football club & what does the future hold for eSports?

It goes without saying that eSports is an incredibly fast-changing industry, and traditional sports clubs getting involved seems to be the flavour of the month. In September, UK-based eSports organisation Team Dignitas was acquired by US basketball club The Philadelphia 76ers, and many other clubs have gone into eSports this year, including PSG, Schalke, West…
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British Overwatch pro numlocked joins NRG

Former Team Dignitas Overwatch player Seb "numlocked" Barton has joined NRG eSports. He has signed for NRG as support, along with American DPS player Mathew "Clockwork" Dias. Meanwhile, Daniel "Gods" Graeser and Mark "Pookz" Rendon have stepped down from the team. "Numlocked will play an instrumental role as a shot-caller on our already talent-laden squad," NRG…
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