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20 competitive UK streamers worth watching: Part 1

There are tons of game streamers who regularly broadcast their gameplay on Twitch or other platforms - but who are our favourites? Here at eSports News UK we've picked our top 20 individual UK streamers we enjoy watching the most, with a focus on the more competitive streamers. We've included 10 players in this roundup - check out part 2 of our top…
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Would Gross Gore join a pro UK eSports team? We ask him on Twitch

UK League of Legends Twitch streamer Gross Gore (aka Ali Larsen) hit Master tier the other day. It got me thinking - would he ever join an eSports team? I reached out to him over email but didn't want to wait any longer for a reply, so thought why not brave his Twitch stream and ask him direct? As I log…
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