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UK streamers sign up to Fnatic’s new Salty Summer Fortnite tournament series

London-based esports organisation Fnatic have launched a new weekly online Fortnite tournament called Salty Summer, with a mix of streamers and pros from across Europe taking part. It starts tomorrow (Sunday August 12th) and will have 64 players involved. The winning duo will receive $5,000 per tournament. Some of the biggest UK streamers getting involved include Wizzite,…
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Ginx Esports TV opens up its London studios to streamers and content creators

Ginx Esports TV is inviting external content creators and streamers to produce content from its London studios. The TV channel says it wants to support the British gaming community and the growth of the UK esports community by promoting talent with its new programme, called Volume. "With Volume, vloggers, streamers or YouTubers will be given…
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Blizzard put a Gross Gore NPC in World of Warcraft (and it has a big nose)

UPDATE (August 2018):  It's official: Blizzard has put a Grozgore NPC in the full version of Battle for Azeroth. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, THEY ACTUALLY PUT IT IN THE GAME. A fucking troll with a massive nose with the name "Grozgore" FUCK SAKE @Warcraft — Gross Gore (@GrossieGore) August 13, 2018   ORIGINAL ARTICLE…
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KSI beats Joe Weller in YouTuber boxing match before challenging Jake and Logan Paul

Popular British YouTubers Olajide "KSI" Olatunji (aka JJ) and Joe Weller stepped into the boxing ring at London's Copperbox Arena this evening. It was KSI who emerged the victor in the third round, after months of verbal sparring and build-up between the pair. KSI beats Joe Weller by TKO!!!! #KSIWeller — EscaRAW (@kamuikilla15) February 3, 2018 The…
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