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UK to host CoD World League in London, Birmingham and Sheffield

The Call of Duty World League (CWL) has announced today that it will be bringing three of four of its current 2017 EU competitions to the UK. It has teamed up with Gfinity, ESWC, Multiplay and EGL to make these tournaments available. As there are several top level Call of Duty players from the UK, it's no…
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Gfinity hints at further changes to the Gfinity Arena

Gfinity's head of partner relations Martin Wyatt has hinted that London's Gfinity Arena may adapt and evolve in 2017. The arena - essentially a converted cinema room - first opened back in March 2015 at the Vue Fulham Broadway multiplex. Around this time, Gfinity told us it was thinking of opening a second, larger capacity venue. While…
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Gfinity responds to Modern Warfare Remastered tournament criticism

Gfinity's eSports director has told eSports News UK that a story about its Modern Warfare Remastered tournament is incorrect. The story from Dexerto assumed that the tournament will get teams using a PC and playing with a controller, but Gfinity has rubbished this claim. "It's a Christmas promotion event and we might have one console…
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Gfinity revenues rise but company makes overall loss of £3m

UK-based eSports tournament provider Gfinity has announced the financial results for its financial year ending June 30th 2016. Revenue increased 158% year-on-year to £1.45m (up from £0.56m made a year prior), but Gfinity made an overall operating loss of £3.2m for the year. However, this loss is 12% lower than last year's loss of £3.6m. Chairman Tony…
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Gfinity announces Modern Warfare Remastered cup & opens team signups for $100,000 Gears of War Pro Circuit London

Gfinity has announced new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinity Warfare tournaments, and opened team signups for the London stop of the Gears of War Pro Circuit. CoD comeback A free-to-enter £1,000 Modern Warfare Remastered launch cup will take place in November, with sign-ups open now. There are more details on the Gfinity website and…
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You can now support eSports News UK on Patreon

You can now help support our UK eSports coverage by donating a small amount through the ENUK page on crowdfunding website Patreon. If you're a fan of what we do, and would like to contribute, you will allow us to produce better content, cover more games and pay for better web hosting (which means our site won't…
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Gfinity Arena to host its first live Gears of War eSports tournament

The Gears of War eSports European Open Grand Finals will take place at the Gfinity Arena in London on Sunday July 10th. It's the first time the Arena will host a Gears tournament live, and will feature the top four pro and amateur teams from across Europe. Teams will be competing for a £10,000 prize pool,…
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Brazil’s Tempo Storm win CSGO Pro-League Season 9 finals at Gfinity Arena

Brazil's Tempo Storm beat Denmark's SK Gaming 3-1 at the Gfinity CSGO Pro-League Season 9 LAN finals on the weekend. The CEVO Gfinity Counter-Strike tournament, which took place at London Fulham Broadway over the long weekend, has ended - and what a show it was. A mix of North American and European teams fought for a…
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