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ESL UK is thinking about drug testing players at its Premiership finals

ESL is considering drug-testing players at the next UK Premiership live finals, Esports News UK understands. The updated spring 2017 Premiership rulebook has been published, and in this ESL states it's part of ESIC (the Esports Integrity Coalition). This split will have full integration of ESIC. So what does that mean? Well, ESIC has an 'integrity…
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ESL UK studio to host RuneScape’s Deadman Invitational with real-life ‘Blue Moon Inn’

The next Old School RuneScape Deadman Invitational will take place at ESL UK Studio 1 in Leicester this month. The Winter 2016 tournament - a permanent death, free-for-all competition with $10,000 on the line for the last player standing - will get underway on Saturday December 17th. ESL UK's studio will feature competitions, freebies, a real-life iteration of RuneScape's…
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‘UK eSports Premierships could take place in stadiums in 5 years’ – ESL

ESL UK co-MD James Dean has said UK Premiership eSports tournaments could take place in 5,000 or 10,000-seater stadiums within the next five years. Speaking to eSports Insider, James Dean said: "If we look at Hearthstone, the UK is storming it there. Overwatch is exciting, and in League of Legends, teams are already being promoted to…
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MnM win ESL UK’s CSGO Summer 2016 Premiership

MnM Gaming have been crowned the UK's best Counter-Strike team in the ESL UK Premiership. They beat Reason Gaming 4-2 in the LAN finals today at MCM London Comic Con. MnM take home £5,000 for winning the final (on top of any money they won from the contender series/group stages), while Reason received £1,000 as runners-up. Congratulations…
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3 undefeated players, 2 crazy Yoggs, 1 weekly ESL UK Hearthstone Premiership Recap

Last Thursday saw the second week of the ESL UK Hearthstone Premiership group stages take place. HelloLeeroy, Mysterious and BoarControl all secured victories to remain unbeaten following their success during the prior week. Here are the current standings: The VODS can be found here The first match of the night was Cipher vs Jambre After…
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