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UK’s first pro gamer and Quake veteran lands global ESL role

Sujoy Roy, a former Quake pro and the creator of Gamerbase (which was bought by HMV), has joined ESL. He started on February 1st and is working as part of the International Publisher and Developer Relations team. He'll be based in London for the time being and liaising with the rest of the ESL team…
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A deadly cocktail: How Molotovs & Marshmallows lit up UK eSports – an interview with MnM co-founders Kalvin and Daniel, and a look at the LoL team’s success

Last month, Molotovs & Marshmallows (aka MnM Gaming) won the ESL UK CSGO and League of Legends Premierships, and reached the Overwatch final. Their League of Legends team also won the Multiplay Insomnia58 League of Legends tournament. But what has the organisation's meteoric rise come down to, how have they been successful in a short…
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Meet the new Exertus: We interview co-owners as UK org transitions to USA

Exertus Esports have new ownership - and the once UK organisation will now be based out of Houston, Texas. We speak to the new CEO and co-owners for their plans, why they bought the org and ask them about the money some former League of Legends players are apparently owed. A month or so ago, Exertus deleted…
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‘I’d like to see more people in the UK scene being brave’ – Torpedo

Cassius Kiani, partner at UK organisation Torpedo, has called on UK players and other people in the scene to be braver. The org have been making waves in Hearthstone and want to become as big as successful as top UK-based orgs like Fnatic/Team Dignitas - you can read more in our article on Torpedo here. Speaking…
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Why the CSGO coaching decision is a step back & what Valve can learn from the NFL

Bill Belichick, coach for the Patriots' NFL football team (left) and Sergey "starix" Ischuk, coach for Natus Vincere's CSGO side (right) CSGO developer Valve has introduced a rule which means coaches are now limited to communicating with players during warm-up, half-time and one of four new 30-second timeouts that the coach or player can call. In this guest opinion piece,…
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10 ways to make UK eSports great again – Richard Lewis shares his advice

Respected eSports journalist Richard Lewis has revealed ten ways to improve UK eSports in his latest video chat with us. In part 1 of our interview with Richard Lewis, he spoke about what is wrong with the local scene here and how it's declined over the years, following his initial comments saying the UK eSports scene…
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Richard Lewis video interview (part 1) – the decline of UK eSports

After producing a video log attacking the UK eSports scene a few days ago, prominent eSports journalist Richard Lewis agreed to record a special video discussion show with ENUK. Richard originally said that the UK eSports scene should be 'nuked from space', and highlighted some of the recent controversy in the local CSGO scene, including cheating and…
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