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A rundown of the first ESL UK Overwatch cup won by GLB

Last Wednesday, the first UK and Ireland Overwatch competition got underway, with 34 checked in teams geared up to play. Here, Craig Robinson looks back on last week's first UK Overwatch cup in a quick recap article. Since my last article regarding the first week of competitive Overwatch in the UK, we have seen a number of UK organisations get…
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ESL to host $100,000 Overwatch tournament at Gamescom 2016

ESL has announced the Overwatch Atlantic Showdown tournament which will take place at Gamescom in Germany this August. It's the first international competition featuring Blizzard’s new team shooter to offer a six-figure prize pool - $100,000 to be exact. Eight teams will take part - four from North America and four from Europe - and travel costs will…
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ESL to host UK Overwatch community cups

ESL is planning to organise UK Overwatch community cups - which could lead to the creation of an official ESL UK Overwatch Premiership. The first tournament will take place next week on Wednesday June 15th, and will likely be cast by experienced UK casters Joe "Munchables" Fenny and Ciernan "Excoundrel" Lowe on the UK Overwatch Twitch channel. ESL UK…
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Memes of the Month: Overwatch Play of the Game Special (May 2016)

As it's off-season in the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership right now, the memes have been pretty scarce this month - either that or our meme-hunting skills are drying up. So with all the buzz around Overwatch right now, we thought why not round up some of the strange memes and 'Play of the Game'…
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Reason Gaming announce Overwatch team, set sights on i58

UK eSports organisation Reason Gaming have signed Overwatch team Zaprey Got Caught. The team - currently ranked 14th in Europe and 35th in the world - will now be playing under the Reason brand going forwards. The roster consists of Jonas “Reelay” Liljekvist, Matthew “teneya” Chapman, Ryan “Ryfoolz” Fuller, Bartek “bartasso” Wiater, Aaron “Aaron” Blok and Nikolaj “Zaprey” Moyes, as confirmed on…
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UK gets behind first wave of competitive Overwatch tournaments

It's fair to say Overwatch has drawn global attraction during its first week of launch. A number of competitive tournaments have already taken place and involved the UK in some form, from ESL tournaments to TakeTV’s invitational and MCM London Comic Con. On Friday May 27th, ESL opened up its first European tournament to all teams. The…
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Overwatch fever hits UK as Meltdown bar and cinemas prepare launch events

More and more companies are getting behind Overwatch as the new FPS readies its launch on Tuesday May 24th. London's Meltdown gaming bar will be hosting a launch event on Saturday May 28th. Matches will get underway from 6pm and there will be T-shirt and cocktail giveaways for the top players. The bar is also thinking…
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How will Overwatch change the UK eSports landscape?

Could Overwatch be the game that puts eSports on the mainstream map? Is ditching the deathmatch a masterstroke? Or will the new FPS fail to make a serious impact? With Overwatch's open beta in full swing - and the full May 24th launch a few weeks away - eSports News UK explores how Blizzard's new FPS could…
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