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i58 winners roundup

Here's our look back on which teams won each tournament at Multiplay's Insomnia58 gaming festival last weekend. You can see which teams entered i58 here and take a look at the Twitch VoDs on Multiplay's channel.   Project scrapes League Fest Pro-Am victory As a League of Legends-focused publication, this was the highlight of the weekend.…
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Reason win i58 Overwatch tournament: Recap including results & analysis

Insomnia 58 held its first ever Overwatch tournament last weekend. Craig Robinson looks back on the competition, the matches and how Reason Gaming (pictured) came out on top. The tournament had a prize pool of £7,500 and high interest - with 38 checked in teams on the day and known UK talents in attendance. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="602"]…
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The final week of the UK Overwatch Contender Cups – recap

On Tuesday August 22nd, the third Overwatch Contender Cup commenced. This was the final regular Overwatch Contender Cup series that would determine who enters the group stages. Currently the four dominant teams in the Premiership are Team EndPoint, Team StartSpot, Team Last Resort and Computerised Gamers. With these four pretty much set to get into…
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The Last Resort sign UK Overwatch team, aim for ESL top four finish

UK eSports organisation The Last Resort (TLR) have announced a new Overwatch team. The team has been performing well in the ESL UK Contender Cup qualifiers, and recently placed third. The Last Resort said in a statement they expect 'great things from the roster in the up and coming months', and aim to reach top four…
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Which teams are taking part in the i58 eSports tournaments this weekend?

With Multiplay Insomnia58 getting underway this Bank Holiday weekend (August 26th to 29th), here's our preview of the teams taking part in the main eSports tournaments.   League of Legends £8,000 open Group stages start: Friday, 2.30pm Final: Monday, 11.30am There are four teams currently signed up to the League of Legends tournament: Vibrant Gaming,…
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Multiplay raises prize pools at i58

Multiplay has upped some of the prize pools at Insomnia58 which takes place next week. The Overwatch prize pool has been raised from £5,000 to £7,500, while Team Fortress 2 has increased from £5,000 to £8,500. It looks like the increase is thanks to a few more sponsors signing up, including Astro for Overwatch and…
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What happened in the second Overwatch ESL UK Contender Cup?

This week, we had our second Overwatch ESL UK Contender Cup. And it was very interesting in comparison to last week. A few teams had disbanded, like Choke and Velox, whilst some smaller teams had not returned. This means that once again anything seemed possible. With this in mind let’s look at how the night…
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Streamer Spotlight: Valkia

Mark "Valkia" Purdy is a fast-growing British streamer who is building a name for himself thanks to some entertaining Overwatch content, including some nice Pharah plays. He's also been invited to play for the UK in the Overwatch World Cup. Dominic Sacco sits down with Valkia to discuss his background, how he's adapting to full-time streaming and if he'll ever…
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VeloxGG exit UK Overwatch eSports scene

New organisation VeloxGG is waving goodbye to competitive UK Overwatch. The org had a brief but promising stint in the weekly UK Overwatch Ballistix Cups (narrowly missing out on beating Choke in one final), plus other tournaments, but have decided to call it a day. VeloxGG had high hopes in the UK scene, but have quit…
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