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Gross Gore and Riot should just kiss and make up – opinion & vlog on streamers

Last week well-known UK League of Legends streamer Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen was banned from attending Riot events for one year. It's the latest development between the pair's fractured relationship, following the Worlds at Wembley hotel incident last year and the more recent Twitch ban this year. Surely it's time now for them to put their…
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Misfits ready for Challenger Series after finding new owners

Current UK League of Legends champions Misfits have been acquired by new owners. The team, formerly known as Renegades Banditos, had to play in the Challenger Series qualifiers under new branding after Renegades were banned by Riot Games. Misfits - who successfully qualified for the EU Challenger Series - have now been picked up by eSports…
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UK League of Legends champions qualify for EU Challenger Series (analysis & vlog)

Misfits (formerly Renegades Banditos) have qualified for the European League of Legends Challenger Series. They beat Euronics in the first final of the qualifiers 3-1 today, putting them in the summer 2016 Challenger Series, where they will face Copenhagen Wolves, Huma, Inspire, Millenium and Team Forge, who also qualified today. Misfits started their journey in the Challenger Series qualifiers…
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Perilous Gaming branches out into other games as TF2 team prepares to compete at DreamHack

UK-based eSports organisation Perilous Gaming has branched out into new games as it expands its horizons. The org has announced a new Street Fighter V line-up, consisting of Afsar "Afii" Ali, Marcus "Packz" Parker and academy players Assad "Suleymon" Suliman and Connor "0Naught" McNaughton. Some of its players are regularly earning Capcom Pro Tour points around Europe, and all…
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Team Dignitas boss quiet on League of Legends future

What's next for Team Dignitas after the well-established eSports organisation dropped out of the League of Legends scene? The team sold its Challenger Series slot to Apex Gaming last week, after crashing out of the North American LCS in April. When asked what Team Dignitas' plans are for League of Legends moving forwards, the organisation's founder Michael…
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Renegades Banditos get new name and revised roster

Renegades Banditos, the winner of the most recent ESL UK League of Legends Premiership, is going through changes. After the team's owner Renegades was banned by Riot Games earlier this month, the side have now returned with a new name and tweaked roster. The team will now be known as Misfits, reports ESPN. Incidentally, this is the same name…
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How to build an effective League of Legends team

It's not easy to form a competitive League of Legends team - you need to consider player roles, team dynamics, leadership, shotcalling and more. In this article, former ManaLight head coach Will "Frozen Dawn" Burgess (pictured with the team, third from left) offers advice to coaches, managers and players who are looking to build a team,…
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