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PSG has an eSports budget of ‘millions’ per season

French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) say they have 'millions' to invest into their eSports division each season, and have spoken about their plans in the space. PSG signed former League of Legends pro Bora "Yellowstar" Kim as their head of eSports earlier this month, as well as FIFA players Agge Rosenmeier and DaXe. Yellowstar will…
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Riot dismisses claims of ‘corruption’ in Mexican League of Legends community

Riot Games has cleared up claims of 'corruption' within the Mexican League of Legends community, branding it as a 'smear campaign' and saying the situation has long been resolved. Earlier today, a Reddit post titled 'Corruption Within LoL Mexico' went live, claiming that members of a League of Legends community in Mexico (LoLMexico) were failing to distribute…
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Toaster, Caedrel and FrozenDawn are trialling for Schalke 04

Three experienced UK League of Legends individuals are trying out with German organisation Schalke 04 this week. Schalke is a well-known German football club that branched out into eSports earlier this year, signing Elements. However, the team finished eighth in the EU LCS summer split, and failed to requalify, meaning they will play in the lower-league EU…
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League of Legends Worlds 2016 final UK viewing parties

With the League of Legends World Championship 2016 final about a week away, a string of UK viewing parties are available for fans to watch the match together. The final takes place at half past midnight BST on Sunday October 30th, with most UK viewing parties getting underway at around 11.30pm on the evening of…
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Bulldog eSports and Epiphany Bolt acquire UK League of Legends teams

eSports organisations Bulldog and Epiphany Bolt have each signed an existing UK League of Legends team to move into the UK space.   Epiphany Bolt merges with Last Remedy Last Remedy, the new UK organisation that quickly brought in some talented players, generated drama (and some more drama) earlier this summer, have merged with Epiphany Bolt. Bolt were founded…
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