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Choke forms UK super team for i56, signs Tundra, Maxlore and potentially Alphari

Choke's line-up for i56 (left to right): numlocked, Maxlore, DxAlchemist, ChewedUp and Tundra Choke Gaming has brought together some of the UK's best League of Legends pros to play at i56 this weekend, including Maxlore from ESL champions Team Infused and UK veteran Tundra from FM-eSports. Choke has also resigned former players DxAlchemist and ChewedUp.…
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Team Infused win the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership final

Reigning champions Team Infused beat rivals FM-eSports 3-0 in the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership Season 2 grand final. Infused were dominant against all their opponents and remained unbeaten throughout the season. Here's our full match report. Game one Line-ups: Team Infused - blue side (Alphari top - Hecarim, Maxlore jungle - Lee Sin, Charlietea mid…
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Exertus Esports looks set to change UK LoL roster – video interview

Exertus Esports' jungler Dan Newton has told eSports News UK his League of Legends team is likely to experience some big changes. "We will probably stop playing as a team, we're trying to decide what we want to do closer to the next season," he said in a video interview, after being knocked out of the…
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