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Radix to acquire Lotus Gaming League of Legends roster

Leeds-based esports organisation Radix are about to acquire Lotus Gaming, the League of Legends roster that recently qualified for the UK Masters. Afro, the owner of Radix, told Esports News UK: "We've been looking at expanding to other games for a while now, and with the upcoming season of UK Masters now featuring League of Legends,…
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Arctic Storm League of Legends roster snapped up by NerdRage Pro

Arctic Storm, the League of Legends team that qualified for the Summer 2017 UK Masters this week, has joined UK org NerdRage Pro. Esports News UK understands a deal between Arctic Storm manager Ashley "Slip" Haynes and NerdRage management over the past 24 hours. Arctic Storm were in talks with another org at one point, but NerdRage…
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Could Alicus sign Misfits’ academy team?

Rumours yesterday suggested that Misfits' former general manager Ali "Alicus" Saba may be buying the academy team of either Misfits or Fnatic. Alicus left Misfits earlier this year, citing burnout. He returned in March with his own org called Laser Kittenz. Dot Esports reports that Laser Kittenz has submitted bids for both Fnatic and Misfits' LCS spots. Esports…
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League Fest will not be returning for 2017

UK League of Legends event League Fest has been scrapped for the time being and won't be taking place this year, Riot Games has confirmed. Riot community specialist John King (aka Riot Bolton) published an update on the League of Legends forum. "Last year’s League Fest saw some of the biggest names in LoL coming to…
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‘We will hard stomp qualifiers & convincingly win UK Masters’ – Arctic Storm interview

We interview Arctic Storm manager Ashley "Slip" Haynes after the organisation brought on board some of the former XENEX League of Legends players, entered the UK Masters qualifiers - and made some bold claims.   Introducing @arcticstormgg UK Masters roster! Featuring @Artorias_lol @Prosfair @sancuslol @ARC_VoN @hejsansvenne see you all at #UKMasters — ACS Slip…
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Gross Gore unbanned by Twitch

Lads. Boys. British League of Legends streamer Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen is back on Twitch. Esports News UK first learnt of the rumour earlier in May. It's been just over one year since Gross Gore was originally banned by Twitch, and it seems the streaming platform has decided it's now time to give him a second…
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What’s the story behind all those Hadow smurfs?

If you're a high elo League of Legends player on the EU West server, you might be familiar with the 'Hadow Smurf' phenomenon. Loads of Hadow smurfs have been cropping up on the Master and Challenger ladder, named after UK League of Legends veteran support player Mantas "Hadow" Šukevičius. At some point around 20 people changed their…
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MnM looking at finding a ‘more permanent’ gaming house after bootcamp

UK esports org MnM Gaming is considering sorting out a more permanent base of operations following its gaming house bootcamp this month. The team is training together ahead of their League of Legends EU Challenger Series Qualifier matches. Co-founder Daniel "Javelin" Chung told Esports News UK during our video interview with MnM yesterday that the house…
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