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London theatre to host new League of Legends esports play

There's enough drama in competitive League of Legends to turn it into a stage show - and one theatre company is doing just that. The play - titled Cotton - promises a 'dizzying, manic trip into the world of professional gaming'. It's written by Alex Benjamin of theatre company The Peaceful Defeat and will take place…
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Misfits Academy team sets sights on UK League of Legends scene

Hype is building for this evening's qualifiers in the ESL UK & Ireland League of Legends Premiership. With the likes of MnM, Diabolus, NerdRage, xL and more unveiling their spring 2018 UK LoL rosters, teams are preparing to secure entry into the ESL Prem, which features two groups and a second tier of competitive play.…
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2018 UK League of Legends team roster roundup – in progress

It's that time of the year once again - the latest ESL LoL Premiership has been announced and the eight teams have qualified. We'll add the latest roster listings to this page as and when they're revealed. If you're an org and want us to update this article with your team details, please DM ENUK…
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UK League of Legends coach Sméagol joins Team Just in the LCL

Louis "Sméagol" Green, a League of Legends coach/manager with experience in the UK esports scene, has landed a new role in Russia. He'll be moving out there in three weeks' time to join Team Just, who currently play in the League of Legends Continental League (LCL). Sméagol will be with Team Just for the majority of…
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Watch: The Best of UK League of Legends 2017 Montage

It's finally here - the top UK League of Legends plays of 2017 video has been published! After weeks of chasing players up, choosing the best plays and editing it down into one final video, you can now view the best of UK LoL 2017 video here. It might have been our idea back in…
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Fnatic complete 2018 EU LCS line-up with YoungBuck joining as team director

UK-based esports organisation Fnatic have announced their EU LCS management team for the 2018 spring split. Dutch former pro player Joey "YoungBuck" has joined as the LoL division’s team director, after departing from G2. He will take care of operations from Fnatic's Berlin office and be a part of the roster's coaching team. Dylan Falco has…
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