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MnM beat XENEX 3-0 to retain ESL Premiership LoL title

MnM Gaming sweeped Team XENEX 3-0 in the ESL League of Legends UK & Ireland Spring 2017 Premiership on Sunday. It was their second ESL Prem title win in a row, having beaten Epiphany Bolt 3-1 during the summer 2016 split. While XENEX had topped the table in the group stages, it could've been fair to…
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Foxdrop, Furndog and Skudzy join analyst desk for ESL LoL Prem final

ESL UK has announced the host, caster and analyst line-up for the Premiership League of Legends final this weekend. Streamer and YouTuber Dan "Foxdrop" Wyatt, G2 Vodafone coach Josh "Furndog" Furneaux and exceL eSports jungler Serge "Skudzy" are on board as analysts for the final between XENEX and MnM. They're joined by experienced UK casters Joe…
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Phurion joins Baskonia and reunites with former teammate XDSmiley

UK League of Legends jungler Luke "Phurion" Brammer has left eMonkeyz to join Baskonia. In doing so, he has reunited with his former MnM Gaming teammate and ADC player Ludvig "XDSmiley" Granquist. The pair won the ESL Premiership together in the UK last year with MnM Gaming, but the roster unfortunately had problems around the Challenger…
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De Montfort beat Leicester University in LoL Varsity Games derby

De Montfort University secured a 2-0 victory over Leicester University in the League of Legends Varsity Games final at ESL's Leicester studio yesterday. De Montfort team Phil Brown's Boys beat Leicester's CTC to win the local derby match. The day kicked off with two rounds of best-of-one matches followed by the best-of-three finals; each university had…
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ESL LoL Prem finals preview: Discussion show with Rifty, Prosfair & Furndog

The ESL Premiership UK and Ireland League of Legends spring 2017 final is fast approaching. With it taking place on March 19th between MnM Gaming and Team XENEX, we produce a special discussion show looking at how this split has gone, and what we can expect from the final. Featuring special guests MnM top-laner Rifty,…
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Esports News UK is part of the London Games Festival Fringe 2017

Esports News UK is delighted to announce that our first event is officially part of the London Games Festival Fringe. Our meet-up/social event at London's Secret Weapon gaming pub is one of more than 25 different events that form the 2017 Fringe. Check out more details about our event and grab your free ticket here.…
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Foxdrop vs Phy: Watch the 1v1 LoL charity match here

We ran our 24 hour charity stream on the weekend here at Esports News UK, and two of the people who agreed to a 1v1 were League of Legends YouTuber brothers Foxdrop and Phy. You can check out the VoD from our stream here, as casted by Excoundrel and DocDa.
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Announcing UK Legends: The Esports News UK London Gathering

Some of the LANs up North can be a pain to get to for us Southerners (yes Birmingham counts as the North to us!), so we've decided to host our own social event in London. Esports News UK's very first event is a London meet-up for ENUK readers, players, coaches, casters, managers and community members…
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ENUK 24-hour charity stream raises £650 for SpecialEffect

Esports News UK's 24-hour GameBlast charity gaming marathon has concluded - and you helped us raise £650 for SpecialEffect! The money will go to people with disabilities to help them play the games we love. More than 80 of you from the UK esports scene took part over the weekend as we got stuck in…
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