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The Heritage II CSGO & DOTA 2 event review and GameBritannia interview

The Heritage II tournament hosted by GameBritannia wrapped up last weekend in London - here's a look back on the event and an interview with co-founder Amy Yu. Four of the top universities in DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive battled it out over Saturday and Sunday, with the University of Bath taking first place in DOTA 2…
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BlinkDota UK season 2 prepares to get underway

The second season of BlinkDota UK starts on March 21st, with 18 teams split across three different tiers competing to be the victor. The first season of BlinkDota, which ran its course over Christmas last year and finished late last month, had a spectacular finale with popular DOTA personality Pyrion Flax casting the event at London’s…
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TCA eSports announces their new DOTA 2 roster

UK-based eSports organisation TCA eSports (TerraCotta army) have announced their new DOTA 2 lineup, adding to their current roster of teams which span across League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Smite. The roster is as follows: 5th position (support) – Alex “Arky" Morris 4th position (support) – James “ProfEpicman” North 3rd position (offlaner) – Maxin…
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Choke Gaming announces Dota 2 team

UK eSports organisation Choke Gaming has revealed details of its new Dota 2 team, consisting of four UK players and a Vietnamese player. The roster is as follows: Jon "Crysen" Bennett, Nick "Ziktomini" Copello, Joe "sand-fish" Livingston, Dan "Zirael" Woodhouse and Thanh "Rabbit" Bui. Choke says the team has picked up 'strong results across Europe and the UK' before joining the…
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Vince Clarke announces new eSports organisation Team Senses

Choke Gaming's former manager Vince Clarke is forming a new organisation to mark his re-entry back into the UK scene. He called his new organisation Team Senses, stating that some players use their sixth sense or intuition to dominate the games they play. Vince made the announcement during an online talk show hosted by another UK organisation: TCA eSports.…
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Halo 5 tournament added to i57 as COD competition is removed

Multiplay has announced the initial eSports tournaments it will be hosting at insomnia 57 (i57) in March. The LAN gaming festival will have a similar competitive gaming schedule to i56, with tournaments for League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2. Each of those competitions will have £5,000 in winnings. A Rocket League tournament will have a £3,000 prize…
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