Winners of first Battalion LAN at i62 will win £5k and a unique gold weapon skin with their name engraved on it

New World War II shooter Battalion 1944 is getting its very first esports tournament in the UK - and it has a unique prize.

The winning team at the Battalion 1944 LAN event at Insomnia62 will take home £5,000, plus each player from said team will receive a one-of-a-kind gold in-game weapon skin, with Insomnia and their name engraved on it.

These weapons will be tradeable, giving the players the option to keep it or trade it if they wish.

The Blitzkrieg Open Championship LAN Tournament is sponsored by Belong by GAME and ran by The Plays team at Insomnia62, which runs from March 30th to April 2nd at the Birmingham NEC.

It will have a £10,000 prize pool, with first-place taking home £5,000, runners up receiving £2,500, third-place winning £1,750 and fourth-placing picking up £750. The grand final will take place on Sunday April 1st.


"We really believe in Battalion's competitive scene so we are keen to foster its growth at the grassroots level."
Bulkhead Interactive


Battalion 1944 launched earlier this year.

Developers Bulkhead Interactive say that this event is "the first of many" Battalion esports tournaments planned for 2018.

The devs said in a press release: "The Insomnia62 Blitzkrieg Open Championship is the first of many Battalion 1944 LAN tournaments around the world, as we have previously announced that in 2018 we intend to support four LAN events worldwide. This includes one in North America so we look forward to seeing all the competitors at all of our tournaments fighting it out for the prize money places and bragging rights!

"We know there are bugs in the game at times and the dev team don't stop working on these, however we really believe in Battalion's competitive scene so we are keen to foster its growth at the grassroots level."

ENUK's Dom Sacco and Jacob Hale will be reporting from i62 live next month.

Only attendees of the LAN will be eligible to compete in the i62 Battalion LAN. Tickets are available here. 

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