Rainbow 6 team with UK players no longer qualify for Year 3 Season 1 of the Pro League

meepeY, the team captain for Rainbow Six Siege team I Don't Know (IDK), has posted a Twitlonger about the inconvenience of his team's position in the ESL Pro League for Year 3 Season 1.

Namely, his side no longer qualify for said league. How exactly?

The UK duo of meepeY and Lacky have been competing in the Rainbow 6 Siege Pro League since early Year 2 on Playing Ducks and SnoOken Knows.

By season 3, they added Leon into the team as a substitute for SnoOken, giving them a roster with three UK players and three non-UK players. As a unit, they have made several EU semi-final appearances and just missed out on getting invited to this year's Rainbow 6 Invitational.

With the build-up to the Year 3 Pro League,  IDK began restructuring due to the departure of the three Swedes.

However, recent updates have stated that the team's spot now belongs to the Swedes, meaning the UK half of I Don't Know look to be in limbo.


"Two years of my life I've dedicated to this game and at the end of both years I've been hit with strife, hardships and deception. Just when you feel like everything's getting better."


meepeY's Twitlonger contains information about new rules apparently seeming to prove IDK's eligibility to compete in the Year 3 Pro League, as well as screenshots of chat logs between him and others.

According to the Twitlonger, ESL told meepeY that sno0ken counts more than Leon, because 'he's played more games', which refers to the 'over 50% of games played' rule as their justification for giving the spot to the Swedes, rather than the UK players.

meepeY said: "ESL have informed us that we no longer qualify for Year 3 Season 1 Pro League, the spot has been stolen by the Swedes.

"Our Pro League spot was quietly moved into the Swedes' possession after they put in a support ticket to 'claim' it.

"Did I receive an official message from ESL to inform me of this decision? Nope. I got a Discord DM from a friend who's an admin letting me know what happened without my knowledge. I had to put in a support ticket to contest the case before I got a formal answer.

"Two years of my life I've dedicated to this game and at the end of both years I've been hit with strife, hardships and deception. Just when you feel like everything's getting better. Just when the big orgs start talking to you. Just when Siege starts skyrocketing into the public eye of esports, this happens again. Everything that I have struggled for, everything that I had to strive for, ruined again, in a single moment."

Contrary to the disappointing news, meepeY announced Fxrrral, the newest UK member to the line-up, accompanied by sTiZze, a French player to fill out the I Don't Know team roster.

The Twitlonger also held promising news of a deal being struck between the players and an organisation.

Whether or not the deal between the org and IDK will go ahead is uncertain, as the team looks to be out of the Pro-League for now.

meepeY has reached out to ESL for further assistance in getting back into the Pro League, and we will update as the story unfolds.

You can find meepeY's comments here

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