UK player Freddybabes takes home almost $70,000 after winning Gwent Challenger

The UK has had a remarkable year in esports, with huge victories in FIFA, H1Z1 and F1 to name a few - now it can add Gwent to the list.

UK player Fred "Freddybabes" Bird won the $100,000 Gwent Challenger #2 tournament this month, taking home $68,750 after beating Germany's Benjamin "Kolemoen" Pfannstiel 3-0 in the grand final at Moszna castle in Poland.

18-year-old Freddybabes also received the December 2017 Gwent Challenger winner's ring and has qualified for the 2019 Gwent World Masters.

Runner-up Kolemoen left with $14,000.

In the semi-finals, November's Gwent Open finalist Damian "TailBot" Kaźmierczak lost out to Kolemoen 3-2 win, while Freddybabes beat previous Gwent Challenger champion Adrian "Lifecoach" Koy 3-0 in the other semi.

For Freddybabes to have won Gwentslam earlier this year, then the November Gwent Open, to go on to win the Gwent Challenger with a 3-0 in the semi-final AND a 3-0 in the grand final, it's an astounding achievement.

The UK player didn't just win, he smashed his opponents to comfortably take the title. That's three tournament wins in the space of a few months.


"Are we seeing the emergence of a new UK esports hero who will dominate competitive Gwent over the next few years?"


According to Esports Earnings, Freddybabes has earnt $86,000 in prize winnings this year alone. He also coaches other players via GamerSensei.

Are we seeing the emergence of a new UK esports hero who will dominate competitive Gwent over the next few years?

Let's certainly hope so. It's great to see a relatively new game emerge on the esports scene and to have a host of UK talent rise along with it.

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