‘I feel like this is just the first step for us’ – xL’s Rencha on winning FemaleLegends DreamHack

Excel Esports' female League of Legends team have won the FemaleLegends tournament at DreamHack.

The final was cast by xL bot-lane players Innaxe and Aux (who has just retired from competitive play to focus on university), with former UK ADC Crane on board as analyst.

xL only had to win one game in the grand final against mix team Super Hot Crew XD, because they already had a one-game lead after coming in from the winner's bracket.

Aux interviewed support player Renate "Rencha" Ritina after the win, and asked her what the victory meant to her.

"Oh my God, I feel like this is only the first step, honestly," she said.

"We're trying to go to LCS next year, I think we can do it," she laughed. "I think we got this, honestly... maybe female LCS."

On her feelings ahead of the final, Rencha said: "I felt pretty anxious honestly [ahead of the final], but since we had already won twice... I thought this was all fine and that we would get them."

Rencha also selected top-laner Paleolite as her MVP because 'her ultis were on point'.

xL LoL manager Barnetto said:

Paleolite added:

xL's female LoL side won their first DreamHack qualifier back in October.

Their roster is as follows:

  • Sara "Paleolite" Jakobsen - top
  • Milenka "Mey" Escalera - jungle
  • Victoria "Vicksy" Doman - mid
  • Adelina "Cathrine" Nalsen - ADC
  • Renate "Rencha" Ritina - support

You can watch the final VoD here.

xL's other team won the ESL UK & Ireland Premiership back in November, coming back from 2-0 down against Singularity to eventually win 3-2.

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