‘I’ve proven I’m a top-tier mid-laner’ – video interview with British LoL player Caedrel

Esports News UK's Dom Sacco speaks to Marc "Caedrel" Robert Lamont - the British League of Legends mid-laner who helped Schalke progress through to the EU LCS - about improving as a player, LCS rumours and his thoughts on the UK scene.

Note: This interview was originally conducted in late September, before Caedrel posted the following update:


On proving himself for the LCS

While his future with Schalke may be up in the air, Caedrel told Esports News UK he believes he's more than capable of going head-to-head with players in the LCS: "I'm feeling pretty good cos I feel like I've gotten a lot better this year. I've proved I'm really good at the game and so next year I'm just looking to prove it even more.

"I think I can match up to most of the players [in the LCS]."



"I feel like I've gotten a lot better this year. I've proved I'm really good at the game and I'm looking to prove it even more next year. I think I can match up to most of the players [in the LCS]."



Being one of few Brits in top-tier League of Legends LCS

"The UK has proven that it's got quite good talent, I think there's almost a top-tier player in every role now.

"There's KaSing, Maxlore, Alphari and me - all that's missing now is a UK carry and we've got a pretty good UK team going on there.

"If there's League in the Olympics and they're drafting UK players then I'm sure that would be the four, but it's in a few years so you never know what's gonna happen."



Getting into the higher level of LoL

"I mean I was a Zed one-trick. I just hit Challenger in Season 5 so I was feeling pretty good.

"Then in Season 6 I started to expand my champion pool and get a lot better. I hit 1,000LP in Season 6.

"I was like: 'Okay I'm pretty God damn good, I just want to prove that I'm pretty good.'

"But my competitive performances weren't that great, they were decent but I wasn't really showing up. So as soon as Season 7 started, I just went straight to Korea and tried my absolute hardest.

"I gave it everything, and I luckily I was able to hit around 900LP on the Korean ladder - almost top ten.

"That's when I knew that I was pretty good. After I came back, Schalke picked me up and I think I've proven this split I'm a top-tier mid-laner hopefully for LCS next year."


On bypassing the UK LoL scene and leaving the Banditos when they became Misfits

"They wanted to revamp the roster in the CSQs, so they had really top-tier players and I think that's fair enough.

"Back then I wasn't the greatest of mid-laners, I was just decent. So they brought in some Koreans and swapped everyone out apart from Alphari and they were really successful."



"As soon as Season 7 started, I went straight to Korea and gave it everything. I was able to hit around 900LP on the Korean ladder - almost top ten. That's when I knew I was pretty good."




Thoughts on previous LCS rumours

"The national league idea sounds like a good idea. The problem is the viewership might drop a bit, but overall it could provide more funding for teams. Brands will want to join the national leagues more because there's more security and teams might not get regulated as much.

"It's a good idea and I'd like to see where it goes."


Thoughts on the UK scene

"I think there's not many organisations backing it. I know MnM is a really good organisation and probably one of the best I've seen in the UK scene, but I don't think there are many big orgs.

"But they're starting to grow more and more. Enclave look pretty good too.

"The problem at the moment is the talent. I think some of the UK players aren't that great. You're struggling to find talent in the UK scene at the moment, but hopefully by the next season some of the UK players will get higher on the ladder, they will get better at the game and start being picked up more."



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