Brit behind Singapore’s first pro esports team weighs in on UK esports

Experienced esports executive Drew Holt-Kentwell, one of two people behind Singapore's first pro esports team, has spoken to Esports News UK.

He has founded Chaos Theory with Hai Ng, and the team has plans to revolutionise the esports landscape in South-east Asia by paving the way for the next generation of esports professionals.

Chaos Theory will provide employment contracts, salaries, private medical/healthcare benefits and growth opportunities for players and staff.

Medical concierge Zero Dot One will be providing players access to an injury management programme, to help stave off injuries such as carpal tunnel, which are widely associated with the hours professional gamers commit in training. All team members will have access to physiotherapy sessions, other sessions to learn about strengthening, conditioning, and recovery, as well as promoting overall wellbeing.

Drew Holt-Kentwell said: "The esports industry is exploding, and there is a huge talent pool here with untapped potential.

"Chaos Theory was set up to establish new professional standards for the industry, and change the way esports teams in South-east Asia are seen and run. We want to equip esports professionals with the experience and skills that they need, to cultivate world-class players and show that a career in esports is viable."

Chaos Theory have two teams so far: an Overwatch side and a female League of Legends team (see rosters below). And they plan on entering other esports including PUBG, Dota 2 and more.

'It's an interesting conundrum' - Drew Holt-Kentwell's views on UK esports

Drew is an experienced esports executive of 11 years and former head of global esports at Razer.

He's from the UK originally, where he was a competitive player and headed up the UK's national team for Battlefield 2. He also played for UK org Reason Gaming, where he also became general manager as well, and later set up his own marketing agency Catalyst Esports Solutions.

So, why Singapore? What are his thoughts on UK esports?

He told Esports News UK: "Working for Razer brought me out [to Singapore] in 2011, when I joined the global esports team. I decided to stay in Singapore after I left Razer in 2015 to start my own esports marketing agency, because I realized how much industry infrastructure needed to be built out here in South East Asia. As the fastest growing region in esports, there's so much exciting potential here.

"As for the UK scene it's an interesting conundrum. Culturally I think esports has some way to go before being more widely accepted, and that has harmed the creation of infrastructure there too.


"Culturally I think esports has some way to go before being more widely accepted, and that has harmed the creation of infrastructure in the UK too."
Drew Holt-Kentwell, Chaos Theory


"It's fantastic to see events like i-series really leading the way in changing that sentiment though and building an experience for thousands of people who want to get involved.

"If you look around esports as a whole there are so many talented Brits working in the industry, whether as shoutcasters, as sponsors, in business development, or talent managers.

"The key is ensuring there are enough opportunities in the UK to retain those individuals: more consistent leagues and tournaments, more high-level teams, more sponsors willing to spend money on reaching esports fans and companies that focus on the business of esports, like marketing agencies or software for esports."


Visit the Chaos Theory website for more info

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