Twitch is up again after hours of downtime

UPDATE: At 5am Twitch had recovered. Twitch posted an update on  Twitter with a couple of messages:


Original article:

Twitch has been suffering outages this evening (Wednesday August 30th) and into the early hours of Thursday (August 31st).

The service first went down earlier this evening, with the app not loading video correctly, and the desktop site just drawing a blank.

Twitch Support said they had resolved the issue within an hour or so.

However, it soon went back down again, provoking the ire of gamers and streamers across the world.

Twitch tweeted saying they're still looking into the issue, though they didn't say what the cause of the problem was.

As of 1am BST, Twitch is still down. The Down Detector website shows a huge spike in the number of user reports from around 8pm GMT.

FYI, the website you're reading right now is based in the UK, so if you're based elsewhere, Twitch will likely be up again while we're getting our beauty sleep.

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