Elevate eliminated from CoD World League Championship in bizarre circumstances

In their final group play match of the Call of Duty World League Championship and the Infinite Warfare season in its entirety, Elevate have been knocked out by Mindfreak Black.

This happened after Zach “Zed” Zedenyer’s controller started to malfunction mid-map.

The issue has been one pointed out continuously by pros over the last couple of years – the connectivity between their PS4 system and controller having issues as a result of Bluetooth lag or faulty Cronus Max devices (which were brought in in order to eliminate the problems brought about from Bluetooth lag).

The problem that came about was that Zed’s controller stopped turning as efficiently as it should, resulting occasionally in him being unable to move. Besides the obvious problem this presents, it also resulted in Elevate forfeiting the map and therefore losing 3-1.

Players took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, where there is a clear miscommunication between what is allowed and what is not when facing technical errors.

On the other side, MLG released the following statement:

“During the fourth map of the Group Stage match between Elevate and Mindfreak.Black on August 10, 2017, the controller owned and operated by Elevate player Zach “Zed” Denyer malfunctioned.

As stipulated in Rule (Player-Owned Equipment), of the Call of Duty World League Official Handbook, “[the] administration is not responsible for ensuring Player-owned equipment is in working condition.”

Following the malfunction of the player-owned equipment, team Elevate refused to complete the match. At the time of malfunction, Mindfreak.Black led the series 2-1 and the fourth map [Hardpoint] by 27 points (83-56).

MLG officials have determined the decision from Elevate to refuse playing is in violation of Rule Stoppage of Play – “Players may not end a game under any circumstances without approval from Administration”; Rule 6.1.1 – “Participants are expected to compete at the best of their ability at all times during Competition Matches, Events and/or Tournaments”; Rule 6.2.6 – “Participants must comply with all instructions or decisions by the Administration”

Mindfreak.Black has been awarded the victory due to the violations from Elevate.”

It’s a shame to see a team miss out based on situations like these but rules are rules, and it appears Elevate had to be the example to other teams.

(Featured image courtesy of MLG)


Jacob Hale is covering the CoD Champs live in Orlando over the next few days. Make sure to check back on the website and follow us on twitter for more from the event.

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