CODumentary: A full-length Call of Duty documentary launches next month

Devolver Digital Films has announced CODumentary - documentary covering the rise of Call of Duty.

The 93-minute feature documentary, created in the UK by games industry veteran Jonathan Beales, explores how the video game Call of Duty grew into one of the biggest global entertainment franchise blockbusters of all time.

Filmed across North America, the UK and Europe - including the D-Day beaches, the story in CODumentary is told by developers, fans, pro players and other games experts, who describe what makes the game special and why it's been successful.

Producer Jonathan Beales said: "It's a big documentary and we wanted to put the fans first so took the opportunity to host two full screenings at DreamHack Atlanta that were a big success.

"It's been a great five-year journey and even though the documentary is centered on video games, the story is always about the human input and endeavour involved."

The documentary will launch on the Steam Store and on video-on-demand via Amazon on September 19th. Releases on iTunes, Google Play, MGo, Playstation, Xbox, TubiTV, Indie Reign and the Indie Rights Vimeo Channel will follow.

A DVD/Blu-Ray release will also launch at a later date.

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