ESL League of Legends Premiership Autumn Season rosters

Craig Robinson provides a quick roundup of the rosters confirmed for the League of Legends ESL UK & Ireland LoL Autumn Premiership 2017.

Note: Information has been gathered from the ESL Premiership team page and Twitch stream . If there are any inaccuracies below, just drop us a DM via Twitter. Update - after receiving feedback, we have decided to message organisations to gather precise information. The article will be updated frequently as we gather more information. 

Results from week 1:


Barrage Esports


Jungle: Fredsta

Mid: Rexxx

Marksman: Monkwillcarry

Support: Shogun

Sub: Demo

Sub: AugerJoe (his contract has now been terminated after he failed to turn up for week 2)

Sub: Sleeping

Sub: Governor

Coach: fykling

Manager: Greenish


CAZ eSports

Top: Rhengis

Jungle: Skude

Mid: Beelay

Marksman: Jakamaka

Support: Fast Legged

Sub: M1d K1ng



Enclave Gaming

Top: Igloo

Jungle: Skudzy

Mid: Diva

Marksman: Joekerism

Support: Nightmares

Sub: Prelude in C

Sub: Bobman

Sub: Kehvo

Sub: TheKat

Coach: Rayunmort

Coach: RTfx

Analyst: Havelock

Manager: Froomie


exceL eSports

Top: Shikari

Jungle: Tax3r

Mid: Kruimel

Marksman: Innaxe the god

Support: Aux

Sub: Reclamation

Coach/Manager: Barnetto




Top: Besty

Jungle: Trilipe

Mid:  Shiklin

Marksman: Conjo

Support: Anthrax

Sub: Turkinator


MnM Gaming

Top: Rifty

Jungle: Candyfloss

Mid: Energy

Marksman: Zhandia

Support: Adam



Top: Artorias

Jungle: Nutri

Mid: Kakan

Marksman: Hejson Svenne

Support: Prosfair

Nutri/Prosfair acting as coaches aswell


Singularity UK

Top: Kerberos

Jungle: SezzeR

Mid:  Bradtek

Marksman:  xMatty

Support: Shifter

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