The first four LoL teams have qualified for the ESL Autumn Premiership

An interesting series of ESL UK & Ireland qualifiers this week has seen Excel Esports, MnM Gaming, NerdRage.Pro and Enclave Gaming qualify.

They're the first four teams to qualify for the upcoming ESL Autumn League of Legends Premiership, with another four to join them next week.

Originally, last split's top four - MnM, XENEX, xL and Cyclone - were due to re-qualify for this Autumn split (as long as they retained three of their five players from the last split).

However, this is the UK scene. And rosters change all the bloody time. Teams had begun putting together new rosters for the UK Masters, so they all had to go through the qualifiers if they wanted to qualify for the Prem.

Gorgeous coach-caster hybrid and hair-tastic hunk Will "FrozenDawn" Burgess gave Esports News UK a run-down of the results and surprises in the qualifiers this week.

Excel beat MnM, knocking them into the losers bracket, which they battled through.

It was another win Excel had picked up over MnM following the UK Masters performance earlier this week. Xl are really starting to show they are one of the strongest rosters in the UK scene at this point in time.

Elsewhere, Enclave beat NerdRage despite being three inhibitors down.

And a blast from the past - Team Paria - almost qualified. Team Paria have taken past in ESL Premierships in the past but have struggled to get away from the bottom of the table.

They looked defiant in the qualifiers, beating Radix and almost beating NerdRage this evening.

It's worth noting that Toaster was not playing for MnM in the ESL qualifiers and Radix jungler Demo is trying to leave the org.

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