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Anyone who's ever played CSGO knows how competitive it can be. The fourth installment of Valve's popular FPS series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has all the hallmarks of a CS game.

It has the same robust and challenging gameplay of its predecessors. Counter-Strike has always been known for its high skill ceiling. This has made it very popular for competitive gaming with many tournaments being played by professional players.

While it undoubtedly took these players many hours of practice to get good at the game, the importance and necessity of tools such as crosshair generators shouldn't be discounted.

To play like a pro, one needs to leverage every advantage that they can get, as long as it's not cheating. A crosshair generator is a tool which can create custom crosshair designs. The default crosshair in CSGO can be pretty hard to see and aim with. Changing it to make it brighter and larger will allow you to target enemies in-game faster and more precisely.

The advantage of this is obvious. You'll be able to start landing accurate shots before the other guy knows what hit him. Without further ado, here are some sites which you can use to design your own crosshairs:


1. Crosshair generator by

While crosshairs in CSGO can be adjusted and changed from within the game itself, there aren't too many options that allow you to customize the crosshair to be exactly how you want it to be. That's where this site comes in. It can be used to make any type of crosshair that you desire. The site allows you to adjust virtually every aspect of the crosshair and tweak it to your liking.

The site lets you adjust the:

  • Size of the crosshair to be bigger or smaller. A bigger crosshair is easier to see but can be distracting and obscure your vision.
  • Thickness: This factor determines how thick the lines of the crosshair are. Adjusting this setting to be higher has similar drawbacks and advantages as increasing size.
  • Gap: This setting allows you to change how empty the center of the crosshair is. Setting this to 0 will make the crosshair look like a '+'
  • Alpha: This is a measure of how transparent the crosshair is. Changing this is usually unnecessary unless your crosshair design is big and has thick lines.
  • Colour: This crosshair generator allows you to make a crosshair with any custom colour that you desire. If you're feeling lazy, you can choose one of the preset colours. Just make sure that the color doesn't blend into the environment when you play the game.

In addition to these customisations, this generator has some nifty additional features as well. It lets you preview the crosshairs on all the maps. This can help you to get an idea of how well the crosshair will work without even having to start up the game. Perhaps the most useful feature is that the site lets you choose the crosshair presets of CSGO pro players.


2. Crosshair generator by

This site is another great resource which can be used to generate crosshairs for CSGO. It has many of the same features and customizations that the previous tool has. It lets you adjust the color, size, thickness, transparency and the gap at the center of the crosshair.

You can also choose to enable whether there'll be a dot at the center of the crosshair or not. One feature that this tool has which the previous one does is that it allows you to select the style of the crosshair from three types:

  • Default: As the name suggests, this crosshair is the one which the game has by default. This style doesn't allow any customisation.
  • Classic: This is the familiar style of crosshair which was used in earlier versions of the game such Counter Strike: Source and CS 1.6. Only crosshairs of this style can be customized.
  • Dynamic: This setting can be chosen in addition to classic or default. It determines if the crosshair responds to your shooting by increasing the gap at the center, as the recoil of the gun increases.

While the option to choose the style you want is nice, most users will prefer to go with classic anyway, since that's the only one which allows any customization. Therefore, the only real advantage this has over the previous site is its relatively cleaner user interface.

However, the clean interface, too, is achieved with some compromises. Though this generator lets you select from presets used by pro CSGO players, the number of presets to choose from is very small. There are only six players whose presets the site lets you select. This is very limited compared to the 200+ number of choices in the previous crosshair generator,, lets you pick from.

Judged on its own merit, the preview panel is pretty nifty. It lets you move your customized crosshair around on top of an in-game screenshot. You can even lock it place, to a particular spot, by clicking.

The six screenshots you can preview the crosshair on each have varied environments and lighting conditions that will let you judge how visible the crosshair is in a diverse range of scenarios. However, comparing this to's crosshair generator, you'll find that this generator's preview pane doesn't tell you which map you're previewing, nor does it let you preview on every map of the game.


3. Crosshair generator by

This crosshair generator is best suited for players who want a crosshair generator that's lightweight and simple to use. While it has all the customisation options that the previous two have, it's lacking in terms of additional features.

The most notable limitation of this generator is its comparatively less advanced viewing pane. This site only has a single screenshot for you to preview your crosshair on. To make matters worse, you can't even zoom in on the screenshot. The only things it allows you to do is move the crosshair around on the picture and lock it in place by clicking.

However, its saving grace is that it lets you preview the game and the size of your crosshair in any custom resolution. Though limited in functionality, this sort of preview pane is easier to use and less resource intensive to run on your computer.

Most of the customisations to the crosshair are done through the means of sliders. These sliders are easy to move and click around. The large length and size of the adjustment slider make it easier to fine tune your selection and pick the exact setting you want. You can also directly type in your desired setting as a number. One confusing aspect of the UI is that you can type in numbers which you can't select through the slider.

An annoying result of having big sliders for settings and a large preview pane is that you can't see them both on screen at the same time. This means you'll have to scroll back up to the preview pane after each change or adjustment you make to see how it looks and affects the usability of your crosshair.

Just like all the other online crosshair generators mentioned, this one also lets you implement your changes in-game, by copying a few lines of code into the game's console window or a config file.


In conclusion

While all three crosshair generators give you full freedom to design a crosshair that looks exactly as you want it to, the first one is clearly the best since it is the most well-rounded and convenient to use.

It lets you save your chosen settings by generating a configuration file which you can download, so that you don't have to copy and paste the commands into a config file yourself. Become a pro with these simple tricks.

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