‘Esports is going to grow and I want to encourage it’ – Labour MP Kevin Brennan

This evening we published an interview with the Pirate Party asking them why the major parties don't seem interested in esports. Looks like we spoke too soon.

A video interview with Cardiff West Labour MP Kevin Brennan on esports has just emerged, courtesy of gaming centre Talk & Surf, right in time for the general election.

During this chat, Kevin spoke about the sports prowess Cardiff has, such as the Champions League final, and how esports can tap into this.

"I think esports should start to get that kind of recognition," he said. "I'd like to see a big esports event in Cardiff, it's a great way to bring people together in a friendly and competitive environment. Get them mingling and making new friends.

"Cardiff is a capital city and we really should have that kind of recognition. I'd like to see a regular esports event in Cardiff and recognition for it.

"We need to recognise esports as a positive force that can bring people together. Gaming is bigger than the music industry, we need to recognise that."


"I want to encourage esports as it's something that's going to grow in the future and become more important."
Kevin Brennan, Labour


Labour has also pledged a £1 billion Cultural Capital Fund to invest in and upgrade the UK’s cultural facilities, as explained in this article by Music Week.

Kevin also mentioned how esports can help with mental health and be a positive activity, and explained what he'd do if he was reelected.

"I will support the idea of getting esports events in Cardiff, and to do anything I can to try and open some doors to help make that happen," he added.

"Understandably it's quite a new thing for a lot venues, they don't really understand what's involved and might be put off by having a bunch of gamers coming along, they might not know what they need with their internet facilities... people need assurance.

"What I'd like to do is to be able to help open a few doors to perhaps establish a really good esports event in Cardiff, so that people will regard it as part of the annual calendar of exciting events that take place in our city.

"I want to encourage esports as it's something that's going to grow in the future and become more important."




How could he improve access to esports, considering the costs involved?

"I'd like to see recognition from the authorities that this can be a positive thing," Kevin answered.

"This is a really exciting developing community and an activity in other parts of the world that's starting to generate revenues and spectators.

"Governments need to recognise that and give it the appropriate support in terms of making sure facilities are available for people, regardless of their income and background.

"It's probably a good time for a report to be prepared officially and look at the economical and social impact they can have."

Check out the full video interview below:

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