Fnatic and Dignitas play showmatch during HotS 2.0 reveal, Blizzard brings in former LoL pros

Blizzard has upgraded Heroes of the Storm to version 2.0, and featured a match between UK-founded orgs Fnatic and Team Dignitas during the reveal.

The updated game boasts new in-game features, systems, unlockables, maps and heroes, including the likes of Overwatch characters D.Va and Genji.

During the stream, Blizzard spoke of all the-new loot boxes, showed off the Genji announcement trailer, D.Va reveal, and launched the patch live on the North American servers.

Fnatic vs Dignitas

In addition, EU's two best teams, Fnatic and Dignitas demonstrated the new Hanamura map and Genji hero.

The four-game series showed off the new payload mechanic that is in the HotS Hanamura map, which is different to the Overwatch Hanamura map.

Fnatic and Dignitas also got to try out Genji, the extremely mobile assassin that just joined the Nexus.

Despite the friendly show match between the two teams, Fnatic won 4-0, which was probably some sweet revenge after Dignitas recently beat Fnatic 3-2 in the Global Championship Western Clash final.

Here are some more clips from the game they played during the HotS 2.0 reveal:

Genji clip

Endgame team fight

Team fight/Payload escort


Former LoL pros join HotS scheme

Blizzard has enlisted three former professional League of Legends players to take part in a Heroes of the Storm initiative called 'Tryhard - For Good'!

Dyrus, Scarra and Voyboy will be coached by HotS coaches Chu8, Dunktrain and Kaeyoh.

For the first week of the competition (starting April 25th), each of the contenders will be teaming up with the coaches for hands-on instruction.

From May 2nd to May 16th, each competitor will claw their way to the top of the Hero League solo queue ladder with no more assistance from the coaches.

There's more info here.


Reaction: Heroes of the Storm 2.0

Blizzard's stream was met with excitement across the HotS community. The stream reached around 100,000 viewers and briefly overtook the LoL stream figures.

Before the reveal stream, UK HotS professional for Team Dignitas, James "Bakery" Baker, turned to social media to express his excitement for the patch.

For more information on what Heroes 2.0 brings, check out the official website.

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