14-year-old British Vainglory player to appear on The Gadget Show

One of the youngest pro esports players in Britain will be appearing on The Gadget Show in April.

14-year-old Benedict "MrKcool" Ward is expected to feature on the long-running Channel 5 TV show in the first or second week of April, playing Vainglory on a couple of smartphones.

TV presenter Jon Bentley and his team were pleased with how MrKcool handled everything, and asked him some questions about esports and Vainglory.

We interviewed MrKcool at the Vainglory European Winter Championship in London last year, where he was playing with German team Rebirth of an Empire.

While he's currently without a pro organisation (there have been a lot of roster changes in Vainglory since the inaugural Worlds in Hollywood in December), he has got a stable team of three together who are said to be doing well against other top players. And there's a chance they could be picked up soon.

MrKcool told Esports News UK: "Being approached and filmed by The Gadget Show was a huge honour.

"Having watched the show myself for years, it's quite special to think that this is a door that esports has opened for me."

At its peak The Gadget Show attracted around 1m to 2m viewers per episode. Long-time presenter Jason Bradbury recently left the show to focus on other creative pursuits.

Check out our full video interview with Benedict "MrKcool" Ward from last year below:

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