Enclave bemoans ‘poor state’ of UK Dota, announces new League of Legends roster

UK eSports organisation Enclave Gaming are making League of Legends their priority after reflecting on the 'lack of infrastructure and attention' in the UK Dota scene.

The org has previously been mainly Dota-focused, and has dabbled with CSGO and League of Legends, but says the latter is now their main focus - and has announced a brand new roster to prove it.

Enclave owner Philip "Britsaint" Macartney said in a post on the Enclave website: "Over time I’ve noticed that Dota has a lack of infrastructure in the UK, with only grassroots online tournaments offering playing time to UK teams, outside of LANs. Because of this, Enclave has grown slowly as there isn’t enough attention to garner growth for us in the UK Dota scene.

"If you compare this poor state of UK Dota to UK League, its a completely different story. League of Legends in the UK is supported by such tournaments such as the ESL UK Premiership and recently the UK Masters tournament. Even if some people in the UK League scene have cried that the scene has quietened down recently, there is still an environment for growth.

"This led me to make the decision to focus Enclave’s priority on League of Legends, in order to for Enclave to grow, whilst also maintaining our dedication to our Dota 2 and CSGO squads."

After trialling several players, Enclave has chosen the following roster:

Froomie and Bee M previously played for Enclave, while Reclamation coached Perilous Void in the past and played for NUEL Titans, while Hodge has played for Perilous, Paria and others.

Froomie commented: "I’m absolutely delighted to have been able to remain on the Enclave Roster.

"I truly believe that Enclave has the potential to go far with the management team and coaching staff available. After freelancing as a stand-in for UK teams over the summer, I could not wait to to help rebuild the roster.

"The new roster has the ability to succeed and go far in the UK scene. I’m excited to see how far this team can go as it has the potential to go far, especially with Matt (Rtfx) behind us as an exceptional coach.

"I’d like to wish Tom (Toliam) and Thad (emu) all the best as they depart the org, and also Simon (Ninjaroni) and Usman (Batmani) even though they’ve decided to stay on in staff and substitute roles respectively."

Enclave's LoL team will aim to take part the next ESL UK LoL Premiership and i59.

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