Where to find the best swords and daggers in Skyrim

Skyrim best daggers and swords

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has hundreds of weapons to locate and create, but there are a select few with their own special look and assets.

We show you how to find two of the best daggers and two of the most powerful swords in Skryim.


This icy blue sword can be found during the Thieves' Guild quest 'The Pursuit'. You'll find it on a table upstairs in Mercer Frey's house in Riften. It dishes out an extra 15 points of frost damage per swing and also has a chance to freeze your opponent for two seconds. The sword improves in attack power as you level up.

Nightingale's Blade

You'll get this dark sword for completing the Thieves' Guild quest 'Hard Answers'. It absorbs a certain amount of health and stamina from your enemy per second, depending on what level you were when you obtained it.

Mehrunes' Razor

Once you reach level 20, head to Dawnstar. A courier should hand you a note advertising a new Daedric museum in the town. Head there and speak to Silus. You can start the 'Pieces of the Past' quest here, which will lead you on the path to finding the powerful Mehrunes' Razor dagger. You'll need to find three parts of the dagger and return to Silus before performing one last little quest to obtain the dagger.

Mehrunes' Razor has a small chance to instantly kill a target.

Blade of Woe

Progress far down the Dark Brotherhood questline to get this deadly dagger, which absorbs ten points of health from an opponent when you attack them.

You can also get it by pickpocketing Astrid with the 'Misdirection' Pickpocket perk, or by killing her when you first meet her.

More info and links

To find out how to join the Thieves' Guild or the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, read our guide, Skyrim: How to be a master thief.

To get the most damage out of your daggers, learn the perk in the Sneak tree which makes your sneak attacks with daggers 15 times their normal damage. Equip the Dark Brotherhood gloves and when you perform a sneak backstab you'll do 30 times normal damage.

To recharge your special weapons, make sure you have a soul gem in your inventory. You can catch an enemy's soul by using the Soul Trap spell or by killing them with a weapon that traps souls. Go into your inventory, select your weapon and hit the recharge button.

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