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Esports News UK's Dom Sacco speaks to Marc "Caedrel" Robert Lamont - the British League of Legends mid-laner who helped Schalke progress through to the EU LCS - about improving as a player, LCS rumours and his thoughts on the UK scene.




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Esports News UK's events and meet-ups

Esports News UK's very first event took place in April 2017 at Stratford's Secret Weapon gaming pub. Check out our image gallery here.

It was a free London meet-up for ENUK readers, players, coaches, casters, managers, fans and anyone else in the UK esports/LoL scene. We had some systems set up for gaming and got the drinks flowing at the bar for some networking.

What events would you like to see from us in the future? More pub meet-ups? Awards? Pub quizzes? Let us know by filling in this quick survey


Want to make content for Esports News UK?

The UK esports scene is a fast-growing, exciting scene with huge potential.

We're looking for part-time volunteer video producers and writers to help produce match highlights, interviews, discussion shows and maybe even some memes. Click here to find out more about making videos for us, and if you want to write for us, click here.


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By making a regular contribution on Patreon, you will allow us to produce better content, cover more games and pay for better web hosting (which means our site won't go down anymore when we write popular stories like Man U getting into esports and Gross Gore's Twitch ban).

We recently switched over to a faster, more stable and reliable managed web host but the costs for this are high (almost £1,000 per year). See the bottom of this page for full info on where your donations will go.

We are not expecting much, but any donation you can offer would be massively appreciated - and we have a bunch of support rewards on offer too.

Check out the Esports News UK Patreon crowdfunding page here for full details or check out the video below:



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