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  • Can a Powerline adapter improve online gaming? (TP-Link AV500 review)

    This is archived content, originally posted in 2013 We all know that a wired Ethernet connection is better than a wireless one for using the internet, but how does using a Powerline adapter affect your online gaming experience? We test out the TP-Link AV500, which lets you access your internet connection...

  • Review: Razer Naga Hex LoL Mouse

    This is archived content, originally posted in 2013 This specialist PC gaming mouse is a branded version of the Razer Naga - with programmable side buttons - that aims to attract the growing League of Legends (LoL) player base. It may lend itself to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) action/RPG...

  • Aliens vs Predator release date set

    All of you waiting for Sega to publish the new Alien vs Predator game can now stop their grinnin' and drop their linen as Sega has announced Febuary 19 as the European release date for the PS3, 360  and PC versions. As is customary with big releases, there's also going...

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